2014 Subaru WRX Caught Testing

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    2014 Subaru WRX Caught Hot-Weather Testing South Of The Border

    Few mainstream hot hatches have tugged as many heartstrings in the last decade or so than the Subaru WRX. From its turbocharged four-cylinder heart to the traction of its all-wheel-drive footprint, Rex has been the benchmark by which other Turbo AWD platforms are judged since its debut in the Canada as a 2002 model. Suffice it to say that the next WRX, due in 2014, has mighty big shoes to fill.

    Judging by the spy photos you see above, those shoes will be planted under bodywork that's not particularly different from that of the standard Impreza. We'd be lying if we said we weren't hoping for a bit more pizazz from this fourth-gen WRX, but most of its tepid styling – assuming these images are indeed indicative of the 2014 WRX – would be forgiven if the machine boasts more turbocharged performance than ever before.

    As you can see, Subaru's engineering team brought along a current third-gen WRX hatchback for testing alongside the new model, and a brief comparison shows how much more restrained the styling of the latest Impreza is when compared to its predessor. We also note what appears to be an intercooler sticking further up into the hood scoop than the third-gen model, which could mean a turbocharged version of Subie's new FA engine is underhood.

  2. looks like some shitty chevy
  3. isnt it about time they put the flat 6 into the wrx? maybe the sti? i wanna see a crazy ass factory subaru.
  4. i didn't know there was a new impreza. i finally got used to the last one and they made it somehow uglier
  5. In before xDRAN0x.
  6. Wow thats ugly. That rear is so boring, it looks a 90s ford.
    And the front looks ridiculously cheap with those gray plastic bits and mismatched grills. Seriously Subaru?
  7. Its my understanding that the flat 6 isnt very good, and that the turbo 4 has much more potential, not to mention is lighter and easier on the gas.

    But I could be wrong.
  8. is subaru american all of a sudden?

    1st gen please
  10. It does look bad :/

    They said it eould be a totally new car, not exactly the current impreza with souped up engine and tranny

    Maybe it will grow on me
  11. lol it doenst even look newer

    it looks like a different brand pos
  12. the flat 6 is the same hp/cyl, more hp/l, similar bore/stroke/compression. i have to assume that a couple of turbos on that thing would destroy. but i think packaging something like that would be pretty hard.
  13. You are wrong, one of the best 6 cyl on the market, but behind the e46 m3's of course
  14. I am so sick of those mediocre interiors.
  15. Of course I love the GC8 the most, but of the newer versions I have seen I was hoping for something like this.
  16. I meant not very good for use in the WRX/sti
  17. You are right I guess. There are some shops that did twin turbos h6 but its rare. Think the h4 has so much potential people just dont bother for the swap & fitting work.
  18. UGH its pathetic. the interior looks like something Old GM would use.
  19. every teenagers fantasy
  20. What the GC8 or the pic I posted? Anyway, who cares I am importing a GC8 which was my fantasy as a teenager.
  21. I'm getting Aztek vibes...
  22. rear end looks like it was outsourced to india or malaysia or something

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