2015 AFL Grand Final - Hawks vs Eagles

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SupraMan, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. Hawthorn Hawks vs West Coast Eagles

    As a Dockers supporter, I'm extremely bitter right now. We finished on top of the ladder, West Coast finished second.

    We got beaten by Hawks in 2013 grand final, and we got knocked out by them in the prelim final this year.

    The Eagles stole our glory, but they are a West Aussie side.

    I don't want either side to win.

    But I think in the end, the Hawks will take out 3 premierships in a row. They are just so #$%#ing good.
  2. woh is that the super ball?

    hawks vs eagles what a coinkydink!
  3. I have literally been following #$%# all of the local leagues lately. Just haven't had the time unfortunately. I hear the Hawks had a good semi final though? Prolly them. Backing Thurston and the Cowboys in the NRL.
  4. Hawks gave North Melb a good walloping.

    However Eagles gave Hawks a good walloping in the first game of the finals.
  5. i hope nic nat has a big game.

    fk the hawks, awful fanbase.
  6. Nah, regular ball. Good game, though. Many hard hits and crazy plays.
  7. Haha what a bad game

    Eagles are terrible

    Hawks are something else

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