2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

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    This is it! The spectacular 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

    Looking stunning in an appropriate shade of yellow (the official color of Corvette Racing) the Z06 promises to be the most track-capable Corvette ever with 620 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque!

    Exactly how that amount of power will be generated isn’t confirmed but it’s believed Chevy will use a supercharged V8 – the high torque number seems to suggest forced induction.

    Either way, the power bump is a significant increase over the factory 455 hp in the Stingray and that torque figure actually puts the new Z06 ahead of the ZR1.

    But the Z06 is far more than just a horsepower upgrade. Notable design elements featured in the leaked photos show a massive carbon fiber rear spoiler, while perhaps more dramatic is the carbon fiber front splitter that integrates into the front fenders, pushing air over the front wheels to improve downforce.

    The front angle of the Z06 also reveals large air intakes, likely used to cool what are no doubt up-sized brakes.

    Look for more info on the Corvette Z06 when it debuts Monday, January 13th.

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  4. from the thumbnails I thought this was a camaro
  5. video game transformation complete
  6. better luck next time
  7. seriously? is this just blind anti-GM hate?

    Say what you want but for the price point, this thing is an absolute BEAST. We aren't even talking about the Viper anymore.

    And yah, for what I'd imagine a pretty basic 911C2S would cost, you could get 620hp and I even think it looks friggin cool. It's not my style so I'd get like, a Lotus Evora or something before it, but in terms of market significance, this is a game changer.

  8. I'm sure it drives well and will perform well but the look to me is crap. and with these types of cars that's a good 1/3rd of the appeal of them
  9. If I had big bucks, I would get one asap.
  10. I think it looks pretty amazing. The fact that it's supercharged will mean lots of tuning options right out of the gate. Looks like it will have a significant amount of aero too
  12. the ergonomics of that interior hurt my brain
  13. The Viper is screwed
  14. Not really.
  15. While still not as beautiful as C06, this is a huge improvement on the hideous basic model.

    I like.
  16. are you shitting me?
  17. I agree with everything except the interior is bleh. GM made light years progress(compared to the C5) with the Ron Fellows C6 Z06 interior but they seemed to have devolved once again.
  18. I don't care, it's badass, I love it.
  19. it's already gaudier than the c6 zr1 and that was already on the line of looking stupid. this thing looks like one of those fake cars from burnout because they didn't want to pay to license real cars.

    wings, winglets, scoops, splitters, 15 different material patterns on the exterior. this car looks stupid
  20. Yeah.It's a pretty cool Corvette.Better than any other Corvette!It is my favorite Z06!
  21. Tell me more.
  22. you're right, the car you designed is much better hahaha
  23. What are you? 13 years old?

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