2016 Chevrolet Camaro design teased

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    2016 Chevrolet Camaro design teased


    Chevrolet just can't seem to help itself from continuing to tease the next-gen Camaro. The pony car gets its official debut at a big event on Detroit's Belle Isle on May 16, but the upcoming model's new exhaust, suspension components, and wheels are already well known. With this latest taste, we're finally getting an official glimpse at what the coupe actually looks like.

    The 2016 Camaro's shape hasn't completely been a secret, and even Chevy showed it testing while covered in camouflage in March. Still, these shots are a great opportunity to check out some undisguised details for the new model. The styling is supposed to be "more athletic," according to Chevy, and the aluminum hood looks especially good with crisp, straight lines forming the design.

    "It's a more expressive evolution of the Camaro's iconic character – and one that complements its leaner size and sharper reflexes," GM global design boss Ed Welburn said in a statement. These two photos suggest a more angular, futuristic shape for the upcoming pony car. We're looking forward to seeing it all in a couple weeks.

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  2. make it not so FAT
  3. Ahem. It's an ~American~ car
  4. It's going on the Alpha platform that is used on the ATS in addition to me reading a while back GMs intentions to make it smaller and lighter, so there's that at least.

    Also - are cars being refreshed way more often than decades past or is this just a function of me getting older and time is just flying by?
  5. Waiting for interior shots
  6. car interiors always seem so overwrought
    will a car not sell if it has a simple clean mnmlst design or something
  7. Ya I wish car interiors were simpler, generally.

    Somewhat topical as it's one of w00t's choices for his next car, but I really like the new Mazda 2's layout. Much nicer than the VW Polo

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  8. that is great
    the critical 2 knobs and one screen to control the audio
    id like 2 gauges tho but thats understandable
  9. I #$%#ing hate touch screens in cars. They're pretty much unavoidable now.
  10. My dad's new 1-ton Ram has a touchscreen, it's absolutely impossible to use while the truck is in motion.
  11. but i control my radio thru its one volume knob and my ipod
    i guess having an ipod is pretty outdated these days tho
  12. coming to a trailer park near you
  13. yeah very nice interior. the leather seats are absolutely terrible though.
  14. please raise the belt line I think its too low still
  15. "leather" in small hatchbacks is almost always shit. 90% of the time I'd go for cloth seats.
  16. Do you not want any side windows at all?
  17. probly doesnt use em at all amirite
    punt the mirrors too eh
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    2016 Camaro Photos Leaked

    2016 Camaro photos have leaked online ahead of the car’s official debut.

    The car was shown on CNBC this morning completely uncovered and forum users on GM Inside News grabbed three screen shots, showing both the front and rear end of the new Chevy muscle car.

    Many exact details are still unknown at this point, though Chevy has already dropped some info on the 2016 Camaro. It will offer a 6.2-liter V8, while a turbocharged four-cylinder is also rumored to be joining the ranks to compete with the new Mustang EcoBoost. We also know that the new Camaro will feature magnetic ride control suspension on the SS model, which will come with three selectable settings: tour, sport and track.

    A dual-mode exhaust will also be an option on the car and will feature a number of settings. Choose track mode and additional flaps that bypass the mufflers during hard acceleration will open up to let that V8 roar, while stealth mode will also be an option to quiet the car down.

    Handling is said to be improved thanks to a chassis that is 28 percent stiffer and 220-pounds lighter than the current car.

    A few details on aerodynamic improvements have also been divulged, with Chevy saying that a new flush belly pan that stretches from the front of the car to the center of the vehicle has helped to reduce total lift by 30 percent.

    We will have more 2016 Camaro photos when the car makes its official debut tomorrow, May 16, at a special event at Detroit’s Belle Isle.


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    2016 Chevrolet Camaro Revealed

    The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro just debuted in Detroit during a special event at Belle Isle.

    This is an all-new 2016 Camaro that heralds the nameplate’s sixth generation. It’s a new car from the ground-up based on the same Alpha platform as the Cadillac ATS and CTS built at GM’s Lansing assembly plant. By basing the new muscle car on that platform, it sheds up to 200 lbs and is significantly stiffer than the outgoing model.

    Production of the current Camaro in Oshawa, Canada, will end later this year, likely in November. The new model boasts a long list of mechanical enhancements that will make it a significantly more capable product.

    Like the Mustang, the new Camaro will be available with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Unlike that car, the boosted four-banger is going to serve as the base powertrain, followed by the V6 as a mid-range option capped off with the V8-powered SS.

    The four-cylinder model makes 275 HP and 295 lb-ft of torque while the mid-range V6 offers 335 HP, 284 lb-ft. Of course that leaves one engine: the new 6.2-liter V8 that is a close relative to the motor powering the C7 Corvette. And power? It makes 455 hp and 455 lb-ft of torque.

    All variants of the new Camaro will be available with either a six-speed manual transmission or an eight-speed automatic. Like the new Corvette, the manual offers automatic rev matching downshifts.

    Both the V6 and V8 models come standard with a variable exhaust that has a hushed “stealth” mode accessible via the snow and ice drive mode. When courtesy doesn’t matter as much, there’s also a setting that bypasses the mufflers entirely to increase engine performance.

    On top of that, the car will also offer a variety of drive modes. All versions of them will come with a snow and ice mode, a normal mode and a sport mode, but the SS will also offer a “track” setting.

    SS models also come standard with Brembo brakes and the same magnetic ride suspension that gives the supercharged ZL1 from the fifth generation respectable handling chops despite its gut-busting curb weight. The car uses a new multi-link MacPherson strut front suspension that Chevrolet says will offer more precise handling than the fifth-generation model.

    Chevrolet is also introducing a more “driver focused” interior with the 2016 Camaro that includes a touch screen in the dashboard and an eight-inch digital display in the gauge cluster sitting between two analog gauges.

    Halogen projector beams are standard on the car, but the RS and SS models will include HID headlights and LED daytime running lights along with LED taillights.

    Official curb weights for the model line aren’t available yet, but the car is roughly two inches shorter than the outgoing model and a little less than an inch narrower while riding on a shorter wheelbase. It also sits about an inch lower than the old model.

    General Motors hasn’t announced pricing for the new Camaro yet, but it should start showing up at dealerships sometime in the fourth quarter of the year.


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  20. More pics

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  21. I like the new stuff released today. A little softer but still good looking. Still much too big and oddly proportioned in places, but it's nice that it's lighter, too. Also 330hp V6? This is pretty awesome. My LS1 was only 350/350 at 5.7L
  22. rather a mustang
    still looks too fat
  23. Yeah, too fat looking.

    It's just too big in general.
  24. If only the side windows were smaller.
  25. here is a video :

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