202mph BMW M3

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    Zwickenpflug Beemer gains extra power and plush interior

    By Stephen Dobie

    It may not look particularly wild, but this tuned BMW M3 by Zwickenpflug is pretty special. Power is upped 25bhp via a series of tweaks, and while a hike to 439bhp may not sound overly dramatic, the result is a 202mph top speed.

    Not that the car bothers shouting about it - exterior changes amount to a snazzy new set of 19in BBS alloys. Inside the difference is more marked, albeit not in the performance direction you'd expect. The whole of the interior has been decked out in a variety of lovely materials, including upgraded leather, swathes of suede around the key touch points and the headlining, and some aluminium pedals.

    Look closely at the seats, dash and grab handles and note the BMW M-division tri-colours in contrasting stitching, about the only hint inside the car that you are behind the wheel of one of the quickest Bavarian's available. No clues to prices (or UK availability) yet, but it's safe to say there'll be a chunky premium over the standard 4.2-litre V8 coupe's £50,830.

    Watch a video of us behind the wheel of the stock M3 right here:
    >>> www.evo.co.uk/videos/planetevovideos/209810/bmw_m3.html
  2. I'd like the engine mod only
  3. Removing the limiter got it to 202 mph, not finding a piddly 25 hp.
  4. wurd.

    still amazes me how "easily" attainable 200mph is now.
  5. it used to be a magic number and now every other german sedan can smash through it
  6. 25bhp ?! lmfao.....that shouldnt even be considered "tuning"
  7. half of that hp is probably a K&N filter, lol.
  8. and flow masters
  9. theres this e60 m5 in my hood in this bland light blue color which makes it blend in with camrys and everything else lame. everytime i drive by im like "lol thats a 200 mph car"
  10. nice they made the it to 200mph
  11. If BMW would remove the limiter on all their M cars, they would all attain 200+mph easily. What i dont understand is why they don't.
  12. 200 mph is hard on a car, and to make EVERY part 200 mph worthy is expensive. 155mph is about the limit for some key parts, so that's what they limit it to.

    Plus, 155 mph is plenty fast.
  13. only key parts limited to 155: the tires and ecu.
  14. It's dissapointing that all these german super coupes and sedans are limited to 155, but there are a number of tuners who will remove the limiter. It's not that big a deal.
  15. BALLIN' at 202 MPH.
  16. Those silly Nazis.

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