288 GTO vs F40 vs F50 vs Enzo

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  1. Who was the best Ferrari special edition????
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    The F40 was the most revolutionary. By far the best car of it's time.
    I think the F50 looks best.
    Enzo performs the best.
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    What he said
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    I think it is safe to say that the Enzois te ultime errai at the moment, but not of all ime
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    I have to chime in here to support the 1984 GTO. True it does not have the kind of technology and performance found in the F-40 or F-50 it does however hold a special place in automotive history (and my heart).
    The late 1970s and early 1980s have to be the bottom ebb of automotive performance due to the implementation of new emission and safety standards as well as a fuel crisis. Then as if to mark the end of this period Ferrari released the GTO. (Note: often referred to as the "288 GTO", although the official factory nomenclature was just "GTO") The GTO for its time was a technological masterpiece with kevlar and other exotic composite materials, unlike the steel and fiberglass of the standard 308. With 400 ponies and a top speed of 190 mph it screamed to the world that performance was back in the automotive vocabulary. (At least for the very rich)
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    F40 built to be the fastest
    F50 built to be the most beautiful
    Enzo built to be the extremest
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    I'll drink to that.
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    F40 is the best in my opinion, it is just so far ahead of its time in technology, performance, and styling. But my favorite of the 4 cars is the F50.
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    The Enzo kills them all around the track, and on everything else, too.
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    Get the Jan 04 EVO, this test has been done
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    i got it and the f50 won.
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    yes gentlemen the majority of you are right the enzo is the best car. ill define that for you if you like but not right now. but then shouldnt it be remember it is the newest and like it of not generally cars from a single company do get better as time goes on
    the better question is which is the best car for its day in which case the answer is the GTO (as someone else said this is what the '288 GTO' was known as here in maranello) im currently a tech director for ferrari and believe me here the most loved of all therse 4 is the F50 everybody loves that car and you know what IVE GOT ONE hahahaha
    sorry i like doing that
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    F40 for me. It's a beautiful car and it's raw.
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    I would have to say the enzo As it Is built with the newest technology and is more powerful than any of the othere cars.
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    well to b honest i trust the boys at evo and they say the f50 is the best
    they take the cars to new levels
    they have some great vids on their site
    they are racing a 599 and a 550 on public roads and the 599(which is ferrari's own car) is being driven to its limits
    go to the website i think its www.evo.co.uk and you should all look out for the best car ever issue (basically take the best cars over the ages and pit them agaist eachother) and its based all on the drinvg experience (probably have mclaren f1 v enzo v f50 as well as others)
    not what its like to drive in town
    mpg or boot space
    its a great mag
  17. f40>enzo>f50>288

    but I love all 4 so much

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