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  1. now you are smothered in bodily SOLIDS!! haha
  2. What was it?
  3. weed, alcohol, and whatever was going around at the time. if things got dry, i'd chow down on some dramamine or get tylenol 3/vicadin from a reliable source. back then you could get codene over the counter infinitely too. there was always a way to get wiggly back then. we'd go to class and just fall out of our seats. meeeeemories..
  4. oh, and nothing puts on the weight like prescription meds. no illegal drug, nothing i've ever done at least, can run with the power of the stuff the doctor can give you. i used to take this combination of anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, and a funky drug to stop nightmares (doxipen i think it was called) that i called "time machine". i'd take it on monday, go to sleep, and come back on wednesday.

    i gave it to a friend of mine and he got all crazy in his sleep, foaming and what not. had to leave him on the porch at his parents house. thought he was having some sort of shock. i remember someone saying he had kid diabetes i think. pretty shitty thing to do, but hey, lifes shitty when you're on drugs.

    edit: autox, since you're pretty saavy for this stuff, my meds i think were 30mg paxil twice a day, 4mg risperdol twice a day, and i forget how much doxipen, but it was two normal centemeter long capisules every night.
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    I was never more happy in my life eating right and exercising daily. honestly the best med for depression, imo.

    coincidentally, doing drugs was probably the worst time of my life.

    get up and do something.

  6. the only thing I have in common with that guy is the questionable length of goatee.

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