3.8 L engines in Camaros

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Unregistered, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. are those good? My friend has one, the car seems pretty fast. Can someone give me some specs on it? Thanks alot.

    And do they use the same 3.8 they used in Camaro in the new Impala LS?

    Thanks alot.
  2. All I know off the top of my head is that it came with 200hp. I could spout off some things I'm not too sure about, but I'll play it safe.
  3. both cars make the same hp and torque at the same rpm's so i would asume they're the same but not sure.

    200 hp @ 5200rpm
    225 lbs/ft @ 4000rpm
  4. as far as I know they are the same.

    they feel more powerful than they are; they can pull pretty good and are pretty smooth

    I have the same 3.8L 3800 in my monte carlo
  5. Same engine I believe as in the others, they pull very nice. My supercharged version pulls insanly nice.
  6. They're nice, they now have a SULEV rating (non supercharged) and all things considered, they're reasonably peppy.
  7. same engine in my dads 86 olds delta 88
  8. i have an 86 delta 88, as a winter car. hows your dads run?
  9. it runs good but it needs shocks
  10. thats not too bad. mine still starts all the time so i'm happy with it.
  11. Same motor as in my 86 Riviera too, I think.
  12. They feel more powerful because they are torquey engines, they make for good everyday driveability. The Camaro is the only car with that engine and RWD.
  13. my dad got his with low miles on it and put a panit job on it
  14. i've had to make a few repairs, tires, heater core, and a new door other problems though don't bother me enough to fix yet.
  15. Holden Commdores up untill this year had been using them for about 16 years. (in that configuration)
  16. aussie cars dont count, because aussies dont count.
  17. Had a 3800 Series-II powered Camaro. Kicked total ass.
  18. people make fun of people for driving the v6 f-bodys fast, but in all reality they would probably beat a civic si in a drag race, which isnt anything special, but its funny to be able to beat a car the general public sees as being "pretty fast" with a baseline model, just to laugh at all of the stop light ricers that are out there (and there are a lot)
  19. Nah i dont think so, V6 F-bodies arent that fast b/c you can get them with MT (very rare). I'd say they run to 60 in about 8 seconds with AT. A buddy of mine had a V6 camaro with exhaust and intake and I beat him by a considerable margin in my Ford Probe GT (5spd). I think the only reason I beat him is b/c I could "row my own boat".

    -BTW a 5 spd probe makes it to 60 in 7.5 seconds.
  20. Quit sniffing coke.
  21. are you commenting on dubya? or are you just a total fan boy?
  22. My Monte Carlo does is 0-60 in something like 8.3....yikes

    It does feel a lot faster though....feels like 6.5. only when you merge onto a highway from a stop do you realize it takes 8.3
  23. The Mustang V-6 has a huge aftermarket with things like 320hp Supercharger kits and what not. I'd imagine the Camaro V-6 would have a smiliar aftermarket.
  24. actually I find quite a few manual transmission ones, I dont know waht you are talking about there. The V6 f-bodies run about 7.3 seconds 0-60 with an auto I believe. So I would say your either lying, or there is something wrong with his, or you have done a bit of work to that probe. The 3.8 is a very nice engine, I know that I have whooped some altima behind with my SC3.8.

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