3000GT/GTO forum????

Discussion in '1997 Mitsubishi FTO' started by XR SICK, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. i was just wondering where was the 3000GT forum? since u got the FTO u surely should have the GTO.
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    yeah, whats up supercars.net? you got a fto but no gto? its twin turbo and compares to supras, skylines, and such...
    I like this car hella bad, I heard its too expensive for its stats
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    What do you think of the GM 454
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    c'mon, this car is a GIRLS car!
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    ok just to get one thing straight, the FTO is a 2.0 ltr, it is not even hacking into its potential at all. im not saying that all L4 are possible powerhouses, because theyre not, but most jap cars are incredibly easy to modify and get huge hp/ltr amounts. Now I here everyone say the american big blocks are way unefficient, I totally disagree. Lets make a example 7.2 ltr/ 440 hp(Dodge 440), 3.0 ltr/326 hp (Toyota 2JZ) Ok if the Supra engine was the same as the Chrysler then it would have almost twice the power, but Im not done yet. I believe that the top fuel drags use the big blocks not supra engines. And they produce in excess of 2000 hp. On pump gas the Chrysler engines can still get 1000 hp or more. So I believe they are in no way inefficient.
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    my friends sister drives one!
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    ya well so does some of the worlds greatest race drivers
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    they're girls for driving girls car. they have they money for sumthing with balls but instead they choose to drive a girls car.

    if u meant the sum of the worlds greatest race drivers drive ftos
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    yes, this site is sumwhat lacking when it cumz to good carsz
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    yeah that sucks not having a 3000 gt forum
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    ok this car may not have the most power, but it would would whoop alot of cars around the track, without even breaking a sweat.
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    they have gone! it sux i know!
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    there should def. be a gto forum and section on the site, its a great car, my friends dad had 150mph out of his gto.
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    Yeah, where did the 3000GT go. They took the VR-4 off the site, come on. That car compares to a lot of cars on this site, and is more "super" than a lot they have here. What's the deal, why did they remove the VR-4?
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    well you got to remeber this car won the japanese car of the year in 1995 i think so it ain't that bad and also i saw on drag off a 300kw HSV VT GTS coupe
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    well remeber that this car won the japanese cra of the year in 95 or sumthin so you can't dis it that much and anyway i saw one of these wit some body kit on it blow away a HSV VT GTS Coupe which has 300kw!
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    Obviously ther FTO was modified which changes the matter imensely.
    If you midified a GTS Coupe its will blow the FTO away aswell! Two can play that game, dont be bias.
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    the GTO's one of the coolest jap cars in the world. i did 160 out of mine already. theyve gotta put it on the site.
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    What in the world are you talking about? The 3000GT, though nice, doesn't even compare to the likes of a Supra, or Skyline. The 3000GT is a boat!! It's heavy as a friggin' whale!

    But on the lighter side, it does need it's own forum...
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    Lemme add a correction... a stock 3000GT, compared to these cars stock as well...
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    Good car in my opinion but why is it Front wheeel drive any thing but front wheel drive.

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