3000GT VR4

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by bananatucker, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. terrible dont do it
    for all the reasons already mentioned

    and SLs suck
  3. trading yall, no money spent
  4. Sell it, and save the money for a real car.
  5. And then have buyer remorse? hell no
  6. AMGrulz doesn't like them cuz hes gay, anyone that's owned a 3000gt knows its a pussy magnet. I pulled more #%!@es in that car than my porsche and 240 combined
  7. Any suggestions on cars that are cock magnets?
  8. miatas, minis, 90's mustangs
  9. Just imagine what you could do with a car made within the last 5-10 years!
  10. Every supercar.
  11. Women here aren't retarded, they choose style over model year
  12. Because the 90's were clearly a styling high point.
  13. Are you blind? look at any 90's japanese sports cars

    compare them to cars from the early 2000's

    then stfu
  14. Uhh...riiiight
  15. You willingly drive a Ford Taurus, therefore your opinion on style is both null and void.
  16. Ugly unreliable heavy POS. Not rare either,
    However in their time they wouldve been quite fast comparing it to japanese cars of the same era.
    My boss raves on about his one, it appently is a rare version with a big factory turbo blah blah blah
  17. If by Ford Taurus, you mean Honda Civic - then yes, I drive a Ford Taurus.
  18. AMGrulz is so god damned retarded.
  19. Interiors looked so much better back then too

    2000's shit was all uncomfy sharp edges and shitty textures

    3000GT interior was based on the Viper
  20. Car and Driver said the 90's sucked.
  21. For domestic vehicles.
  22. Not really. I mean, it WAS the decade that gave the world the best family sedan ever...
  23. Ya the E39 M5
  24. Moar like VULCAN POWAH!E@#!!@#!!
  25. there were some srsly great looking sports cars coming out of japan in the mid 90s. RX7, NSX, supra, 300zx, 3000GT, etc all were good looking cars.

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