348 vs F355

Discussion in '1993 Ferrari 348 TS' started by fastcars4life, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Both are nice car and fast. Ok the F355 is faster but you can buy the 348 that is less expensive and upgrade it. Both cars are cool!
    Which car would you take ?
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    the 355 for sure because its performance is better and even though its more expencive i think its worth it.

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    i would go with the 355 becasue 1) it looks better 2) it performance is better<!-- Signature -->
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    well 355 is the newr version
    being faster, more powerfull, just plain better <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"><!-- Signature -->
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    Yes, the F355 is a smaller, more powerful, and more beautiful Ferrari......but thats usually what's SUPPOSED to happen when Ferrari introduces a new model!
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    F355 because its just soooo beautiful.
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    Well if I had the money for one ofcourse I'd pick the F355 preferibly
    the GTS model,but if I only had half as much money i'd get a 348.
    I think it's a no brainer everybody would rather have an F355 but it depends on their budget.
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    I love both cars but i would take the F355 in the end as in my opinion it looks nicer. But i would be stoked if i ever owed the 348
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    Thats a good way to put it.
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    Personally I like the look of the 348 and the performance of the 355. So toss a coin.
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    definately the F355
  13. The REAL DEAL (348 vs. 355)

    About 8 years ago.....I think I hated the 348! I wasn't so knowledgeable about cars the way I am now, and I almost forgot they made a 348. It looked weird to me...it came between two legends...the 328 and 355.

    But now, I feel that it might be more fun than the 355...

    Without a doubt, the 355's performance advantage is undeniable. While not a night & day difference, it is better.....power, handling is improved over the 348.

    The 355 probably sounds better.....I've heard both, but the 355 makes peak power 1000 rpm higher than the 348...I've heard both cars, and feel the 355 sounds somewhat better.

    As far as styling goes...it depends. The 355 has a smoother shape, and I prefer the round taillights over the testarossa slats over the lights. For stock rims, the 348 rims are kinda funky.....not my style, whereas a 355 has nice rims. Early 348s with matte black on the bottom, sometimes also lack the prancing horse.....so the 355 tends to take the edge.

    But a 348 with aftermarket Speedlines (the thin strake rim), I think has more presence than a 355, especially if the 355 is in an off color (e.g. silver). The 355 in off colors looks a bit conservative.....not ugly by any means, but not flashy enough to justify the money spent! A 348 seems to get away with this a bit better...

    I think the 355 makes a smoother looking berlinetta or targa car, but the 348 makes a better looking spyder...IMHO.

    I drove a 348, and the controls are nice.....great brakes, steering, and shifter. I know some purists who have driven/owned both of these cars, and they all agree that the controls of the 348 are more interactive...the last of the true Ferrari V8. A lot of them liked the way 355s sounded, looked, and went.....but were disappointed with the feel......like a "prettier NSX"...

    A 355 with the unassisted steering of the 348, and maybe a heavier shifter, would probably be perfect. How much these things matter depend...one would have to make the decision ONLY after driving both. I can't say for sure how important feel is, but it is important...the main reason why genuine enthusiasts like Ferraris.

    Hope this clears up the confusion.
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    The 348 had to exist in my mind to give ferrari a bit more leeway in their design. That is not to say that ferraris were bland prior to the 348, but the 348 (and to a somewhat greater degree, the Testarossa) were wild and avant garde enough to open the styling doors to ferrari. HOWEVER, I have always felt that the proportions were a little off on the 348, much like a Lotus Elan (the most recent one of the early 90s). It looks too snubbed and truncated, like a shape that wouldn't fit on the page, so someone drew it shorter. Contrastingly, the 355 is so well proportioned that after the 348, it looks understated. Both cars are fantastic. In the sound department, they are both like carrying Vivaldi in the rear of the car, but the 355's war whoop will make your hair stand on end. When I drove a 355 Barchetta, that was all that mattered. It was fast, but I didn't care. To get this same listening pleasure you could
    1) See Jimi Hendrix live
    2) Watch Beethoven conduct his 9th Symphony
    3) Stand on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier

    Two of these are no longer possible, and the third, I would imagine, is not something that everybody is permitted to do. When the options are considered, the ferrari starts to seem pretty damn reasonable. People buy the 355 for a different reason than the 348. They represent the end of an era in one car, and the beginning of an era in another. Choose your side, then pick your weapon!
  15. F355 is the correct answer.

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