350 hp and 199 mph!

Discussion in '1997 Lotus Elise GT1' started by calsonickid, Oct 6, 2002.

  1. this car is well sweet. whats the 0-100 and 1/4mile like, and could this take on sumthing like a clk-gtr?

    also, can you get this tuned?
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    it could take on a clk gtr but i would give the win to the clk gtr
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    I'd probobly have to agree with subaruguy... but this car still rocks.
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    well hold on a minute,rememeber this car in race trim has about 580bhp and I think it could beat a clk-Gtr,race trim vs race trim.
    Besides I would rather have this than the Clk anyday.
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    Yeah me too,Lotus(Elise) Gt1 over Clk-GTR anyday.Although if someone
    just handed one to me,I'd take the clk,'cause it's worth more,sell it
    ,buy this Lotus and still have money left over,heh.
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    yes look at the engine a twin turbo V-8
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    It's not actuially turbo, it was originally intended to be but due to changes in regulations for the GT1 class lotus couldn't turbo it.
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    It didnt win one race. It was scrapped after it's first year. The CLK-GTR GT1 race trim was the best GT1 car ever, it won more than anything else. It even won it's first ever year.
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    350hp lol. ish dont think so. theres only 1 of these cars drivin on the road legally and it has 575hp and 425lb ft of torque. it only weighs 950kg giving 615bhp/ton. its got an estimated top speed of 235mph and the nutter who ownes it is planning to beef it up even more to get a top speed run. 2 of the things hes planning to do is go to a wind tunnel and secondly up the boost from 0.7 bar to 2. check it.
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    twin turbo V8? sounds good aready.
  11. awesome figures for 350hp.
  12. The stats are wrong. It really has 549 hp or something around there if I'm not mistaken.

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