400km/h on GT3

Discussion in '1997 Ruf CTR-2 Sport' started by AdamDixon, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. very fast on gt 3 the fastest cars of them all
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    Yo, idiot. There is no RUF CTR-2 Sport in GT3, they do have the RUF CTR-2, but not the sport version. I know, I play it enough. But you may be mistaken for GT2 because it is in that. Thank you.
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    my viper goes 274 mph in gt3 the ruf isnt the fastest
    but my viper cant turn
    it does have 1200 horsepower though<!-- Signature -->
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    Listen, i have a copy of GT3 and there is no RUF CTR2 sport. OK
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    listen, i play GT3 enought to know that there is no CTR 2 Sport, they do have the CTR 2, RGT and the 3400
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    Well guess what, I have the Escudo the has 1800 hp and it does well over 280, that is only because i ran out of room.
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    I have not had GT3 very long I havnt gotten my viper over 265 yet. but for road courses Ive found that the C5R is best with stage one NA tuning taking it to about 720 hp ( about what the new C5Rs make)
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    I got to 308 with my escudo
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    yeah the escudo has the fastest top speed and the most powerful engine in the game. it possible to reach speeds over 300mph, if you get the gearing right and turn the torque all the way up. you also have to start from a standstill because the automatic start doesn't give you full throttle at first. you know you got it right when you lay tire straight into 3rd or 4th gear at around 200mph!
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    i dont know i still say that F-1 look alike car that has gran turismo writen all over it, is the best all round car, it did the 0-400m in 9.13 seconds, and i can make 90% without even braking hard, and believe me i push muy cars to the limit, ohh yeah you win this car by completing the super speed way 100 lap enduarance race.
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    well you lot are all #%$s, me an my mate russell have had 2000k/mh yes 2000k/mh out of a toyota gt1 wel actually it was 2164k/mh, dont ask how cus its a well kept secret, if u dont believe me then eat shit, but i swear on all of gods creations it can be done, the escudo has been 1700+ k/mh an the Nissan R390 has been 1400+k/hm. now if anyone can beat that and swear on there own life then i shall eat a brussell sprout.
    P.s i'am mint at gt3 an non of u lot have actually explored the game properly, or u would have done this to.<!-- Signature -->
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    In GT2 I got topspeed of 500km/h with my drag 180sx
    Want to know how???
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    on gt3 i have a RUF and it only goes 176 with 1060HP???
    although it is still a bitchin' car<!-- Signature -->
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    I know how you can get the 500+ kph with the 180sx.
    It's about a track you can get off and just race in cyberworld. The RUF definately isn't the fastest car in GT3 and it hasn't good driveability.
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    Ow jeh, how can you get past the sound barrier in GT3?
    I got a 1881hp Escudo but it only goes 452kph...
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    I got to 276 in my supra that's about it. The escudo sucks on everything else but top speed, it handles like crap on the street and the dirt
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from BugattiEB110SS</i>
    <b>The escudo sucks on everything else but top speed, it handles like crap on the street and the dirt</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Just like american cars ? heeh Joking :p<!-- Signature -->
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    You can get your car to hit very high speeds using a glitch in the game and go through "cyberworld" at specific tracks at certain places.
    I got my Eskudo to hit 908mph some buddy of mine got his to hit over 2,000 and i've heard rumors to hit over a million mph.
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    i got ma viper up to 428kph
    i got ma ruf CTR-2 9 sec on 0-400
    i got ma escoudo up to 800kph on the test track.
    i got ma gt-one road car 7 sec on 0-400
    i got ma F1 car around complex string in 2min, 56secs<!-- Signature -->
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    about the 500 km/h with the 180sx i think he does it through the laguna seca course how you can break thru a wall at the gates, start the race, then turn around at the first gate
    floor the accellerator and steer left and right you should be able to break through with unlimited track.
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    I got 421,1 km/h with the RGT (1083 bhp if not
    misstaking). Dunno if this is fast, but make sure
    you make a 387 when exiting the last corner on
    the test track.
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    Please tell me how u get the horsepower so high i got a viper i cant get it past 708 hp and a top speed of like 215 in gt2<!-- Signature -->
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    Please tell me how u get the horsepower so high i got a viper i cant get it past 708 hp and a top speed of like 215 in gt2<!-- Signature -->
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    so Screamer TELL me about this "1200hp Viper" of yours, eh?
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    I like the F094/S alot better than any other car in the game.

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