462HP Miata

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by mx mat, Dec 9, 2004.

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  2. Wow! That is an amazing Miata. I'd pay 19k for it.
  3. hey mat, do you own a Miata?
  4. That looks really goooooood... PHAT.... I love the look of the first Miatas with the pop-ups...
  5. very awesome. i drove a miata once and couldn't get over how fast it reved.
  6. wow, can a miata handle all that power, it sounds like it would be a handful to drive.
  7. Miatas are girls cars.
  8. Awesome car. I love it. If I had the money I would buy that in a heartbeat.
  9. i bet that guy has himself a great time embarassing exotics and the like at stoplights with a "girly" miata.
  10. It would be a handful with that much power. Stay out of the boost in the rain, or you're in trouble.
  11. There are a couple of Miatas around my neck of the woods that put out 275rwhp, and 245rwhp respectively, and I know some people that were more than surprised to get waxed by a "girly" car. I don't see how Miatas are girly though, if it's girly to corner like a go-kart, and dominate your class in SCCA racing then I wish most cars were so "girly".
  12. Yea, a '98 NB
  13. That's incredibly awesome. I don't think anyone would think it had more than 250horses just by looking at it.
  14. he claims its quite streetable, but yea it still would be a handfull.
  15. well they are high on the "cute" car list in girls magazines, and teeny bopper shows on MTV.

    Yet i dont know also if the engine will last that long with that much hp. well it might seeing as how he did do extensive engine work yet, i wonder if thats on low boost.
  16. Those people know nothing about cars anyways, so their opinion is invalid to me.
  17. peaky as #$%#uk
  18. Yeah, that looks real peaky. If you look at the dyno, the HP TRIPLES between 4500 RPM and 5500 RPM. Jesus...

    It doesn't look like it makes any real power (100 WHP) before 4500 either. Of course, I guess that's still about the same as a 1st gen Miata made at peak...

    Either way, that's a pretty darn good deal on a car. If you go into it with the knowledge that you are going to need to keep some money held back for things breaking, it would be pretty fun. I'd take advantage of it being built to handle 462WHP and get it pushed back to 350-400 or so with better response and power curve.
  19. well, i like the car quite a lot and always give people calling it a girls car a lesson and a half about its abilities. you see, many, if not most people are used to talking out of their ass and lack of information.
  20. That is an awesome car. I know a guy with an sc'd '00 Miata, and it hauls serious ass with *only* 250hp.

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