5 speed automatic?

Discussion in '2004 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren' started by bmf8, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. A 5 speed automatic in a Mercedez supercar? What were they thinking? I understand Mercedez' neverending strive to be classy and smooth, but a carbon fiber supercar, SHOULD have a manual transmission, it just should.
  2. In all of the benz's the auto's are quicker than the manuals
    so i believe that an auto is a good idea
  3. auto is much quicker
  4. not many Mercedes made with manual anymore- there supposed to be luxury cars
  5. They use Auto Transmission in F1, I see no fault in using them in High-Performance Cars
  6. If you mean the mclaren f1 (Road car) i will think you will find it is a 6 speed manual
  7. i think he is refering to the open wheel f1 racing cars. like ferrari, mclaren/mercedes, bar, jaguar ect.

    most of the cars now are run with automatic transmitions, and keep in mind that these are some of the the if not the fastest cars for racing around closed circuts.

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