515 Testarossa

Discussion in '1985 Ferrari Testarossa' started by Audiquattro4, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. A kid at school has got one and i was wondering what kind of stats it has compared to this. Does anyone know about it, or know what year they made them?
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    Woops! Sorry...it was a 512, I don't think a 515 even exists... My fault.
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    A "kid" at "school" has one? Which school does he go to!? You are right, though; there is no such thing as a 515. As for the technical performance stats:

    1984 Ferrari Testarossa:
    0-60: 5.2 seconds
    Power: 390 HP
    Topspeed: 181 MPH
  4. 512 Testarossa

    I loike the 512 TR's I think they look kind of neat, I acctually owned a 1985 Testarossa, it was Silver/black, I sold it a few years ago.

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