671 kg???

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  1. mmmm, don't really believe that. Probably 1671 kg would better.
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    so r u sayng this thing weighs close to 4000lbs
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    Well we do know that it doesn't weigh 1500lbs. 1600kg sounds fair. Thought the EB110 was something in that range to.
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    Yeah, 671 does sound a bit off when you look at the stats. with that amount of power and so little weight 0-60 would be less than 4 seconds quite easily, even taking traction into consideration. Either that or the 0-60 time is slightly off the mark.
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    I did a little research and found that on http://www.conceptcarz.com/folder/vehicle.asp?car_id=3474&vehicleTypeID=:

    Make B Engineering
    Year 2001
    Engine Location Mid
    Drive Type Rear Wheel
    Weight 1300 kg | 2866.5 lbs.
    Gears 6
    Transmission Type manual
    Final Drive NA
    Price $600,000.00
    Skidpad NA
    Produced 21 are planned to be produced.
    Body Material Carbon Fibre & Aluminum
    Steering NA

    Cylinders 12
    Engine Configuration V
    Aspiration/Induction Twin-turbocharged
    Displacement 3760 cc | 229.4 cu in. | 3.8 L.
    Valves NA
    Valvetrain NA
    Horsepower 500.5 Kw / 680 HP @ 8000 RPM
    Torque 735.0 Nm / 542 Ft-lbs @ 3500 RPM
    Bore NA
    Stroke NA
    Compression Ratio NA

    Dimensions | Chassis | Body
    Length 4350 mm | 171.3 in.
    Width 1998 mm | 78.7 in.
    Height 1120 mm | 44.1 in.
    Wheelbase 2565 mm | 101.0 in.
    Front Track NA
    Rear Track NA
    Ground Clearance NA
    Cargo Volume NA
    Passenger Volume NA
    Interior Volume NA
    Bed Length NA
    Seating Capacity NA

    0-60 mph 3.9 sec
    1/4 Mile NA
    Top Speed 365 km/h | 226.8 mph

    Front Suspension NA
    Rear Suspension NA

    Towing Capacity NA

    Front Brakes
    Front Brake Size NA
    Rear Brakes
    Rear Brake Size NA

    Front Tire 245-650 ZR 480
    Rear Tire 335-670 ZR 500
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    note the weight is actually 1300 kgs.
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    They switched the lbs with kgs...so lbs has to be kgs.
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    Well, 1300 kg sounds like the real weight to me.
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    With 680 horsepower, and a claimed weight of around 1500 lbs, wouldn't you think that it could get to 60 mph a little faster than 3.9? Maybe it has a lot of turbo lag, like the XJ220? Any thoughts?
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    a 3.8L V12? the pistons would be the size of my thumb

    holy shit
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    1300kgs, I just read.
    Please mods, Find the faults.

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