$70,000 for a V6? STUPID!!!!!

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  1. According to Road and track, this thing ran a 7:35 not 8.
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    I don't know if this has been posted but there is a test of it here and the performance stats are incredible.

    0-62mph - 3.3s
    Standing 1/4 mile - 11.6s
    Top Speed - 193mph

    And of course we all know how easy it is to add more oomph to a Nissan.
  3. the jaguar xj220 was a V6 monster
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    nissan gt-r 0-60 in 3.3 $70 000
    Carrera GT 0-60 in 3.9 $440,000
    SLR McLaren 0-60 in 3.6 $452,750
    Zonda 0-60 in 3.6 $667,321
    Koenigsegg 0-60 in 3.2 $ 637,723
    it is cheap
    my car cost $110 000 in 1994 new here i live and is a Nissan 200sx 2.0l turbo and do 0-60 in 7.4 lol
    and the z06 cost $340 000 :s
    sow all cars inn the us are cheap :p so don't fight over the price
  5. Hey all you doughters... according to Motor Trend and Nissan themselves the 7:35 time was done on a preproduction model with treaded tires with muggy weather conditions, Motor Trend went on further writing about how according to Nissan themselves proclaimed that the GTR could do on R-compound tires and with perfect weather conditions can do near 7:27 around the 'ring!!
  6. UH....HEY....there what's this talk about a BMW that runs faster than this to 60 mph the closest two bimmers happens to be the M5 & M6 respectfully. Both of which do 0-60 in only 4.4 sec. and 4.2 sec., M6's time is 4.4 and the M5's time is 4.2, while the '09 GTR here does that in, yes 3.2 sec. MT did that time in last months issue of there magazine.

    To heavy, ok so it weighs 3800 Ibs but it's still lighter than both the M5 or M6, and both of which each weigh 3935 Ibs that's for the M6 the M5 weighs in at 8815 Ibs., and "NO POWER" soooo....480bhp is nothing, huh?? So what if it's underpowered by 20 horsepower and yet it still out accelerates and out handles better than both'em!!

    HARDEEHARRHAR!!! Oh, the build quality worse than the Z06, really?? According to MT, yes MT again in there Nov. '07 issue they talk about how the engines' crankshaft which is tilted three degrees to help with weight distribution under hard acceleration loads. Plus how the electronic shocks are speed sensitive and at high speeds how they adjust the vehicles height, by of course lowering it especially at 100 mph or so. At least the GTR is redline limited to 190 mph instead of electronically limited to 155 mph like both of those bimmers are. SO STILL THINK THIS MACHINES GOT POOR BUILD QUALITY, NO ACCELERATION AND POOR PERFORMANCE, HUH!?!?
  7. Lol at the people who are trying to have a serious argument.
  8. The MSRP of the GT-R may be upwards of 80k, but many dealers are putting anywhere from 15k to 20k markup because they are new and rare. A dealer on the other side of town sold one for 104k and another dealer was trying to get 103k. Prices will probably go down but if you could get one now for under 95k your lucky.
  9. The MSRP of the GT-R may be upwards of 80k, but many dealers are putting anywhere from 15k to 20k markup because they are new and rare. A dealer on the other side of town sold one for 104k and another dealer was trying to get 103k. I'm sure in other parts of the country, some moron is willing to pay upward of 110k to be the first one in the state to have one. Prices will probably go down but if you could get one now for under 95k your lucky.
  10. I think it's pretty obvious from this thread that the people who are bagging the GT-R are the ones who don't really know anything about cars anyway.

    PS. The pic in Broken's avatar is a Mac F1

    PPS. 2998ccCSL: The RB is a great engine yes, I know, I own one. But the VR38DETT is superior, it just needs time for the tuners to develop it. To suggest the GT-R would be better of with an RB26 is pretty dumb.
  11. And now it has done a 7:29 on the standard Dunlop SP Sport 600 DSST tyres seen here. They have a UTQG of 140 and therefore are classed as a street tire, not even an R compound.
  12. s'funny.....the fastest production car in the world (2.7 sec. 0-60, 9.7 sec. 1/4) only has a 3.2L H6 engine and puts out more than 700hp....Oh, and the pricetag is just shy of 1 mil....
  13. the 08 redesign outperforms previous STi's, in accelleration, handling, etc. The understated look is kinda nerve grating, however it does handle better, so the "ugliness" serves a function....not to mention a hatchback design has been proven to be superior to a sedan design when it comes to performance on adverse traction surfaces.
  14. glad to see you're still mentally retarded.
  15. true, and I can go and spend $10,000 on a used Porsche 928 GT (oh wait, I already did), spend $5000 on a Lotec performance kit, and outrun a Viper ACR, and still have 50/50 weight distribution and a better drag coefficient than anything under $300,000.....your statement is retarded....why not just spend $7000 on a 250cc shifter kart, drop 10,000 on it, then nothing would be able to touch it...
  16. For one thing SO WHAT!?!? if it has a V-6, It is a Japanese car!!! The V-6 that this car has, powers it (with 473 horsepower)to a commanding speed that is comparable to more expensive cars, faster acceleration, and faster 1/4 mile! and the big thing in addition to its performance..... I will probably get a few laughs for this, but it's not a gas hog when compared to those high end performance cars and one third the price

    In Comparison (the Ferrari F430) Nissan Gt-r
    Horsepower 483 -- it's a V8 Horsepower = 473 -- it's a V6
    top speed = 198 top speed = 193
    acceleration 0-100km in 3.9 acceleration 0-100km in 3.5
    1/4 mile = 11.9 sec. 1/4 mile = 11.7 sec.
    $175,000-$250,000+ $69,000-$85,000

    *Now I hate the F430 but it's a good comparison

  17. lolz dis caer iz slo cuz it haz onlee sixx cilinderz!!! corvet will beatz its azzzz!

    You are an idiot.
  18. Why? packaging hasn't made this car any lighter. the VR is a great engine, in stock trim. as evolved as a VQ based engine has ever been. I know it's got potential for power. I know tuners will take to it very well, but you and I both know that inherently a iron I6 is more balanced and suited for big power than a aluminium V6. Why else does the RB make 600+ on stock internals? it has the capacity to rev and it can take it. it will ultimately cost more money to do the same things with the VR. It'll never deal with heat as good. It will rev to 10k in street trim.

    it might make 1000+hp up and down and all over the world, but Nissan put it in there for two reasons. 1: it was cheaper and 2: it was conforms to emissions standards easier/can be sold worldwide without problems.

    It's less interesting than the RB and in the R35, no better than the RB was in and R32-34. it hasn't made the car lighter or more compact.
  19. the more cylinders the heavier, thats why alot of companies use turbos and superchargers. beacause a turbo charged v6 is lighter and just as powerfull as a naturally aspirated v8.

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