7th gear?

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari F2002' started by Modena3, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I know it exists but ive never seen it used, i mean even in the 218mph Monza front stretch its still in 6th.<!-- Signature -->
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    its exists but i dont know if it is ever used, the car can be in 6th gear at least at 165 miles and that is enough fot lot of tracks.

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    i do believe if you watch or listen closly you can see that they do use 7th.<!-- Signature -->
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    They obviously use it or they wouldnt have it. The 7th gear probably isnt much taller than the previous car's 6th, it just allows the gears to be spaced cloer.
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    lol most f1 cars nowadays have a 7 speed semi automatic transmission. At the top of my head i can only remember toyota going 6 gears. It was planned to have 7 but they said it didnt suit the car very well??? who knows because that was said in the beginning of the season, they might have made changes.
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    They have 7 gears but they dont use them because itz a 230 mph + gear. there is less torque in the 7th gear. its more of a crusing gear for very very long straights(yes, longer than Monza)It also had a lot more downforce than the other gears and the redline is not so high. The Ferrari F1-2002 can reach up to 310 MPH. DO YOUR MATH!!!!. it can!!!!itz very rare to use the 7th gear. on the onboard computer, they sometimes set it so it wont go into 7th due to the track's shape and size.Ferraris kick asssssssssssssss!!!!!!
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    Sorry i mean 210MPH +
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    hahahaha u think that they hardly use 7th gear. every team has it except for toyota, minardi, and arrows but thet went bankrupt. ya sure like they dont even use the 7th on the monza straight thats the longest and fastest straight in f1 they would only be at about 195mph even with the gear ratio widened. u need alot 2 know about f1 buddy. even CART's champcars have a 7 speed but they rarely use it.
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    7th gear is used at all tracks.
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    They don't use the 7th gear??? why should they have one? For the extra weight or for cruising, so they don't use to much fuel.
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    In case you missed it the first time.
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    i think that all of you fail to realize that the teams change the gear box at every venue so that they have the correct ratios for the track, so 7th gear is used at every track. meaning at one track 7th might be good for 170mph and at another for 220mph.
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    I believe all teams are using a 7 gear gearbox now. Toyota is the only team who started the season with 6 gears but they knew it was a mistake and now its running a 7 gear gearbox.
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    At long last someone talks sense.
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    Ferrari started the 7 gears design and since then its the standard. They do use 7 gears. The eau rouge corner is taken in 6th gear at 290-300 kmph and then 7th gear is engaged at the kemmel straight.
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    Of course they use all 7 gears in every circuit. In slow circuits they shorten the gear ratio so that the car can accelerate faster, and on faster circuits they lengthen the gear ratios for more speed. It’s a benefit to use all gears so that they can have smooth power curve.

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