850 hp comin from a V6

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  1. that is incredible im still findin it hard ta beleive
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    the current skyline (R34) has an inline 6 and not a V6. the new skyline gt-r that will be coming out in the near future will come with a twin turbo V6 and possibly a V8. NISMO is already using V6 engines on their cars in the JGTC. i'm pretty sure they'll be using a detuned version of the race engine for the next skyline gt-r. as for the power figure...if u have money, u can make any motor pump out more horsepower than what it came with from the manufacturer. the RB26DETT has been known to make huge horsepower amounts of horsepower. it's really nothing new.
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    "that is incredible im still findin it hard ta beleive"

    It's called engineering. You don't need 8 liters to make 500 HP.
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    thats true but that is what some of these assholes on this site dont understand. they keep on thinking that because a car like the viper has a big 8 liter 500hp engine, its superior to other cars but really its not. i like the viper and all but theres just too much hype over the car. that and also every other american car wit a big ass engine. people need to just except every car ass they are. if n e of the people on this site really liked cars, they would stop criticizing every slower car because theirs is better. just stop bullshitting.
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    The skyline is not a V6 it is an inline 6. Face the Facts its true, just check out Veilside's Skyline that has 1360hp from an inline 6.
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    I'm pretty sure they're talking about JGTC GTR's, which, right now, run VG30DETT's. They don't make 850hp though...they max at 513ps. I think you're getting your facts confused between tuner I-6 GTR's and JGTC V-6 GTR's.....
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    Ive seen 1000++ hp supras, not that amazing.
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    the blitz skyline is totally a different car ... not as u say so
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    its a 2.6 liter inline V6 this is why it is one of the badest cars
    but also the greatness bout japanesse cars, somethin america can't do, is produce a 1.3 liter engine, (2000 RX-7 RZ) with 276 base Hp, but we all know you can push them to over 800HP
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    Inline V6 what? How does that work? LOL
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    inline v6 HAHAHAHAH....its an inline six one row of six cylinders not a v
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    this guy must be a genios if he knows how to make an inline v6
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    800 horsepoewr is awesome but nothing that hasn't been achieved before

    following cars that make insane power

    group B rally cars
    80's and modern f1 cars
    any number of tuner supras, skylines, silvias, or rx7's
    any number of tuned hyperexotic euro cars

    did ppl forget about the euro cars that aren't hyperexotics?
    i've seen vw's and audis and shiet that are pushed well past 500 horsepower with little effort.

    any number of american cars have done the task as well.
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    thats because it is a rotary engine. it doenst get any better gas milage or last any longer so i dont see the atvantage, and its not much lighter, it at all.
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    the Veilside R34 has just had some work done to it. Dyno'd at 1460bhp afterwards!
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    rotary engines are indeed better. they have fewer reciprocating parts, and less friction. the only PROBLEM with the rotary engine of the past was the way mazda designed them to be overheating all the time. the wankel engine was originally designed to be a form of forced induction, and there are indeed a few examples in a few obscure european cars. but rotary engines have enormous tuning potential and the rx7 has an excellent chassis and balance.
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    actually a rotary engine doesn't need 2 b big 2 produce alot of power and since it doesn't need 2 b big it aint as heavy as u think.
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    hehehe. the point.
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    i agree 8 litres would be better spent creating 700, 800, 900 , or 1000 horsepower.
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    BMW M made the engine in F1 car who won in 1983.
    The engin was a Turbocharged 1.5litre (1500cc) 4cyl. It had over 1200bhp.

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    I'm having trouble beliveing it, not that it is not mechanically possible, but this forum is filled with idiots claiming rediculous things. Please proove it, link to a site, magazine article, etc....
    Also 'cause I'm too lazy and too buzy to look for this myself.
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    the rotary engine would be one of the best engine designs ever, if it wasnt one of the most unreliable.

    and the stuff about the f1 cars is true, although it isnt just bmw. practically all of the f1 cars in the "great turbo era" of the 80's, before turbos were banned in f1, were ~1.5 and making over 1100hp in qualifying trim. i want one of the 1200hp honda 1.5 liter twin turbo v8's they used in those to throw in the civic. bet you didnt know honda could make such a cool motor.
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    **** yea havent u seen the veilside supra? do u even know what u r talkin about? the nissan skyline is the fastest car in the world. it beat the farris fastest car and porsche's fastest so dont talk shit if u dont know what u r talkin about. with the sr20 DET engine in it and the t88 turbo and every aftermarket part it will smoke ani car ever. The only thing known to beat it was a croch rocket dumb ass.So like i said dont talk shit if u dont know what the #$%# ur talkin about *****
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    You are the idiot. SR20DET in a Supra? Not unless somone did a conversion. The SR20DET is a Nissan engine in the 200sx (aka Silvia in japan) and the non-turbo SR20DE is in other Nissans such as the Infiniti G20, and Nissan NX2000, and Nissan Sentra. The Toyota Supra has a 2JZ-GTE engine in no-turbo form, and the turbo has a 2JZ-GTETT engine. Get your facts right buddy.
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    yah formula one cars aren't the only ones. they ran on aobut 70 lbs of boost. the old wrccars made large large power figures running on like 50 some odd psi of boost. anyhow the rotary engine was previously loud and obnoxious just really because of the overlapping intake/exahust ports. the new renesis rotary fixes this and should the rotary's weaknesses come to an end. in addition the reason why rotaries weren't reliable has nothing to do with the rotary engine itself, but more with the twin turbochargers attached to the fd35 rx7 TT. it wasn't properly intercooled and had atendency to blow up or destroy the apex seals around the peanut (large triangular "piston" inside the engine. however hte engine is very tuneable basically because there are only a few parts to the engine and most of them are off the shelf and cna be bought relatively cheaply.

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