9 steps to a better Supercars.net

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugs' started by BILLY IDOL, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Pretty much every other car forum runs Vbulletin (which is a pile of shit even if it works) and has a pack of fUcking **** forum nazis that are always foamin'

    if you can't figure out how to fit in here then stfu if you have any problems
  2. turn the god damned VDC back on VICIOUS!
  3. Who was the mod that banned MATTCOZ28?????? I want my account back.
  4. #$%# OFF
  5. Probably?
  9. hahaha i love the vibe in this place
  10. this
  11. 1 ban BILLY IDOL
    2-8. ??????????
    9. profit!
  13. Hey admin, your site has become a joke. Its constantly broken in some way. Every mod here has 7 accounts. The forum software is from 2002. Here are my ideas to help.

    Step one. Upgrade to a newer version of the forum software. Really.

    Step two. Open the mod forum to be viewable to everyone, since they keep saying we have no idea how much work they do to moderate the site, let everyone see.

    Step three. The mods here should have MODERATOR below their username.

    Step four. Delete multiple accounts from the same IP, keep only the one with the highest post count.

    Step five. Come up with some simple new guidelines for the mods to enforce. Like a warning before banning someone, and sending them a pm about why they were banned, and for how long, with a link to the offending post(s). Or a thread in the mod forum that everyone can see.

    Step six. Stop allowing people to harass and attack new members.

    Step seven. Delete threads full of jibberish and posts that are off topic and that waste space. Such as "hai guyz, whatz goin on in here, wannna touch mee down there?

    Step eight. A 50 post per day limit.

    Step nine. Stop closing threads and deleting posts when someone makes a thread in suggestions just because you don't like them. They obviously have an issue, and they deserve the right to talk about it. Instead of closing the thread and telling them to STFU. Discussion and communication is never a bad thing.

    Please feel free to add your own ideas on how to keep this place going and make it more active.

    Mods, please delete posts that go off topic.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I'm quoting fatco728 for ease of replying to this.

    1. I'll have to read into this point more, because the costs or whatever for a new server or just an upgrade will likely be expensive. Personally I think it works fine, until a later stage.

    2. Mod forum? Thats not our business really. But there should be some report made about issues that affect all memebers, like who's been banned, what changes they're thinking of implementing, etc. One thread sticky'd in the Suggestions forum to contain all that info is adequate.

    3. They dont need that "label" ; if you want to know who the mods are, see the naranhito thread sticky'd in Suggestiona and Bugs.

    4. You could be right- current ones could be deleted for size/ space-saving purposes/ whatever, but it doesnt really make a difference. There must have been a genuine reason why a 2nd account was made in the first place. But we all know that once they're deleted, they will be created again.

    5. Good suggestion. +1

    6. Happens everyhwere dude. EVERYONE gets harrassed. Grow some nutsacks and deal with it.

    7. They're not bad threads. All things considered, they're not "harmful" in that they contain porn and stuff, so they'll hang around. As suggested elsewhere, such threads like this that aren't bookmarked or not posted in after 6 months or so should be deleted. So watch this space; might happen in future. *brb gonna save my babethread pics*

    8. I disagree with this limit. Keep things the way they are.

    9. I cant say I agree with this. We figure out a problem, then close the thread. If we didnt answer a problem, there must have been an answer to it somewhere before. In such a case, take the time to go through older threads which might've addressed the problem. To make it slighly easier to bowse such threads, members created the thread wih the problem as their subject title , eg. "Avatar upload problem- Halp!"

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  14. if anyone two of those things happen, I and 97.9 percent of the people will stop coming here you fool!

    STFU or GTFO!
  15. All of these points are valid, but would only apply to a normal forum.

    It's when you accept all of these points as a normal thing then you can enjoy SC.net.
  16. &#1057;&#1058;&#1060;&#1059; or &#1043;&#1058;&#1060;&#1054; and then maybe &#1073;&#1072;&#1084; &#1073;&#1072;&#1084; &#1073;&#1072;&#1084;?
  17. right now sc.net has character, if we do what you want it'll be some kind of a pussy website
  18. Oh #$%# no not a pussy site!
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    Its really picky about browser compatibility now. Cant remember the last time everything in this forum was working 100%.

    FFS, get new forum software like http://www.phpbb.com/
  20. did it EVER work 100%?
  21. Yeah, around the time when I signed up
  22. Step one
    We can have lots of fun

    Step two
    Theres so much we can do

    Step three
    Its just you and me

    Step four
    I can give you more

    Step five
    Dont you know the time has arrived
  23. old kids rofl
  24. haha i was wondering why this thread was brought back to life

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