911 Turbo Dreams = Owned

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Amazing Asian, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Touche AA, i figure i wont be coming back, i dont want to be reffered to as the next coming of impy, while i will miss this place and many people, i have learned alot, and thank all of you, for this site contributed to getting me out of drugs, smoking and alchohal and made my life alot for the better.

    While many of you will probably scrutinize me and make funny little jabs at 911TD i really have enjoyed all of this and one day i'll come back for another spin.
  2. i think u r overeacting.
  3. WTF is up with having anything related to the 911 Turbo in one's username automatically making that person a liar and/or douchebag?
  5. AHAHAHAHA! +1! your post wasn't there when I posted mine. tak.
  6. Wow those posts were litterally at the same instant. Although i would rather be a liar than a deauschebag.
  7. Tak kurwa!
  8. Lubie cie.
  9. *proscuitto and imported cheese
  10. Rowniez.
  11. They're all born inherrantly with several degrees of shit for brains.
  12. They're inclined to be:

    - liars
    - atenttion whores
    - arrogant
    - homos

    choose one or more of the above mentioned.
  13. This thread is going down in history.
  15. I think he even said he was 15 when he first joined the site.
  16. You gotta update your sig dude.
  17. I came to the concluison that any members with 911 in their name are weird.
  18. I'd bump them all.
  19. victory.
  20. Next coming of impy? Cut the crap, you're really impy.
  21. just make a new SN and come back. Youre a good member.
  22. oh my god

  23. If I were your girlfriend and found out you were pretending to have a different girlfriend in the internet I'd kick your balls
  24. Best thread ever.

    Lol @ him having naked chicks in his car and helping a kif on the gold course

    I knew it was bullshit, now we need M4CK to come out

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