993 Manual vs 928 S4 Auto

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  1. Just a wanted to let you know that the 928 is the one for overtaking on country lanes. When you need to overtake 10 cars, which one who you use? I would go for the 928 S4 auto. Awesome accleration when you use the pedal brutally, then if you get into trouble click the kick down as well and get yourself out of trouble, hahaha. The 928 on the motorway, can keep up with virtually every standard high performance car. But I am talking about a 13 year old car vs any new car. Amazing performance. Now to the 993, its fast but where it wins over the 928 is the takeoff from rest. On the motorway, anything between 70-170 I would opt for a 928. But the 993 makes a superb noise beyond 4000 revs - hehehe. The 993 on a windy day feels a little light at the front. If long term reliability is required go for the 993 and forget the belts and torque-tubes of the 928. But with 928 costing as little as £6000, they make a tempting buy!<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah but 993 is sportier and a better head turning car
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    ure gay
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    they sure do
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    yea but you dont get much uglier than the 928 in terms of porsches. it kinda looks like a shark with downd syndrome. just my oppinion though
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    personally i think they are beautiful they dont look dated at all
  7. Why are you comparing a sportscar to a GT? It's like comparing the carrera GT to the SLR McLaren. Stop posting this nonsense

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