997 Carrera S v. Mercedes SLK 55 v. 996 Carrera4S

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by Grand Tour, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. Which one would you pick to have yourself?

    997 Carrera S?
    Mercedes Benz SLK 55?
    996 Carrera 4S?
  2. SLK. Tourque is a nice thing.
  3. 997 Carrera S

    the SLK is just another cookie cutter AMG from Mercedes
  4. 997 Carrera S..I like

    you act like you test drove every AMG..."cookie cutter AMG" you're a moron...
  5. Shit, I read 'SL55 AMG' which surely woulda been easy.

    Actually, I'd take the 996 4S.
  6. Carrera S.
  7. 997 Carrera S
    996 Carrera 4S
    Mercedes Benz SLK 55

    All are great cars.
  8. ok lets see

    with the exception of the

    every single AMG out there has the exact same engine, just some have a supercharger and some dont. to me thats pretty cookie cutter.

    oh yeah and seeing most dont handle as well as its rivals shows they really only drop a bigger engine in.
  9. 997 Carrera S
  10. the one that's not ugly
  11. All three, then
  12. me too
    with the Paddle shifts
  13. me too
    with the Paddle shifts
  14. 997. Although I wonder if the SL55 AMG would have been a better choice for this comparo.
  15. 997, the best generation of 911 yet and definitely a step-up over the 996. The SLK is pretty cool, but IMO dosn't seem quite the sportscar that the Porsches are.
  17. 997 Carrera S

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