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  1. whilst my main love for cars is in the european market especially FERRARI, i also enjoy japanese cars. one thing that is obvious when you think about it but may not be fully aware but there is a huge difference in the designing from these two groups (eur/jap).

    this car and the xj220 are a good comparisin pair. whilst they both loojk reasonably similar the european car is smooth and flows naturally, the japanese car has lots of sharp edges straight lines and they all try to look kind of futuristic. there are only a few cars i can think of that disobey this theory is the toyota soarer a.k.a lexus sc400. and the older like 96 celica.

    all im saying is i wish a japanese car company would come up with a design that would look like it came from europe, not european as such but a supercar tha has smooth apearences like the 360 modena or the xjr15

    anyone got any thoughts on this
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    can someone please reply and tell me what u think

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    I think this is the beauty of our world-wide car market. All countries make cars that make each company unique and distinct. It would be a boring world after all if all the cars on the road from all over the world had the same essence in them.
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    i guess ur right<!-- Signature -->
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    yea but then again nothing would be ugly
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    Mazda: MX-5, RX-7, Mazda 6
    Toyota: the old 2000, Soarer, Supra
    Honda: NSX
    Daihatsu: COpen
    Suzuki: Cappucino
    Nissan: 350Z, S15 Silvia

    They're all reasonably stylish cars in normal trim. The Mazda's more so than the others.
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    at least the design isn't bad..I kinda see some XJ220 in the front end..
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    Havent the japanese copied and stolen technology enough?

    they even use Italian names for their cars

    no honour at all

    no wonder their cars have no style or resale value
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    Who cares about the name they put on their cars, that's the last thing people think of when they buy a new car. What really matters is the performance and the looks. The copy of technology is inevitable due to the amount of competition there is, even European cars use Japanese technology, after all Japan has the most advanced technology. Just some side information; Orochi in Japanese is the 'mythical eight-headed serpent'.
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    Orochi is a serpent, but not necessarily 8-headed. Anyways, I would really like to know what technologies the Japanese have "stolen." I would also like to know the Italian names used for Japanese cars. I can't really think of many. Oh, and for the actual thread of conversation, I think that different styles in car designs are necessary. Differences make them more interesting. It would be quite boring looking at same shaped cars passing by over and over again.
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    Agreed. Wouldn't it be a silly world if all cars looked like each other? Wouldn't it be very boring?
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    This car would be good if you put a new body, engine.... wait this car will never be good, the only thing that would make it good is if you just got rid of it.
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    ...all I'm seeing is random hatred for this car. I see no reason behind it. Well, actually, I guess your name might explain it a bit...you HATE imports, which could be loosely interpreted as you hate any non-american car. Now what kind of advantage does an American car have over European/Japanese cars? Wait, did I just ask what I think I asked? Sorry, I don't know what I was thinking, asking such an impossible question....

    I mean no disrespect for American cars; there are some American cars that I greatly admire...but I'm hoping that most of you will understand why I used that.
  15. creathor8465 Im with u

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