A Damn Shame

Discussion in '1993 Ferrari 348 TS' started by Zoomy3, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. There was a blue one of these in my school's car show yesterday, it was gorgeous. They stuck it next to a gold 2000 Prowler and a black 99 Vette, and a silver 98 Carrera. So who won best import? Not the Ferrari or Porsche, but a red 98 Civic!!! OK, but surely one of them will win best in show, right? Nope, that honor went to a raised yellow 95 Ford Ranger with TVs in the seats. Is there no God??? I damn near cried.<!-- Signature -->
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    a damn shame, indeed.....
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    dumbass rednecks <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">
    lol<!-- Signature -->
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    Please don't say anymore! I'm feeling a little sick! How in the Hell can someone pick a Civic or a Ranger over a beauty like this?!
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    Any one that would chose one of those pieces for junk over a ferrari must be an idiot, nothin can top a butifull car like a ferrari
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    ppl have no taste really !!
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    HEY! i'm a redneck and even i'm not that dumb!

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    When kids think of Best Import they think Fast and the Furious, hence the gay ass civic.
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    It just goes to show you that there will be a TON of idiots running the world in a few years.
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    oh my god....thats patheticthat they would chose those cars over this...thats really wrong
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    The only award I would give to a Civic in a car show would be:
    Most Useless Use of Plastic
    or maybe
    Most Plastic on a Car EVER
    or what about
    Most Useless Spoiler
    or possibly
    Car That Sounds Most Like A Bumblebee
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    You witnessed what I like to call American stupidity and lack of knowledge about cars!
    Those damn judges deserve to get shot in the nuts!
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    OK haha,but still come on a civic isn't as bad as a #$%#ing ford pos ranger my god,what the f#$k,I hate trucks Grrr!
    BUt either way,how the f**k do you pick(not you them)a ranger or a civic or a Ferrari and a Porsche,damn F****ing shame indeed!
    Now i'm mad!!
    Again somebody should've kicked the judges ass,I would've,lol ARGhh!
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    oops ment to say how the f@#$k do(meaning those people) you pick a ranger or a civic over
    a Ferrari and a porsche!~?
    what the F@#ck is wrong with this WORlD?
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    It would be unfair to choose Ferraris, they would win the title everytime...

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