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Discussion in '2008 BMW M3 Coupe' started by MADE IN ITALY, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. I swear i couldnt tell this car from a basic-ass run-of-the-mill 3 series if it blew past me. what a joke. If i buy an M-sport car (not that i could ever afford it) i want it to look like a goddamn m-sport car. that said, impressive performance figures.
  2. too similar to a common 3 series coupe. the old one was waaay better than this.
  3. Exactly. and those side panels are a mess
  4. Audi RS4 anyone? I know that's what my money would go on.
  5. has anyone seen a video of the m3? have you heard what that v8 sounds like? no inline-6 EVER sounded that good. believe me, when you see it you might mistake it for any run-of-the-mill e92, but when you hear it, there'll be no doubt that it's an m3.
  6. I'd take a RS4 over this.
  7. And you'll regret it when you're cruising along and one of these blows past you.
  8. Cars without turbo are for losers.!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. BMW - Bring Mechanics With.M3 is 100% pure waist of money!I drove 1 and let mE tell you, NEVER BUY A M3!
  11. Try test driving something other than the poxy old rusty 4-pot model then
  12. Yeah. RS4 for me too.....
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  15. Agreed on your point here, man.

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