a project gone wrong

Discussion in '1998 Emme Lotus 422T' started by locoako786, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. or is it just right and they #$%#ed it
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    169.6mph. Oh my gosh and it cant get any uglier than that
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    Its ugly, but stylish. Its got to be good if its a Lotus.
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    It's only the Lotus drivetrain, everything else (including that disgusting body) was done by Emme<!-- Signature -->
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    I belive that collin Chapman had turned over in his grave if he had seen this! High weight and power??Not acctualy a Lotus creation!!
    Remove the Lotus.....than i can agree! It is a little stylish!! But still.......NOT a LOTUS!! hehehehe! ;-)<!-- Signature -->
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    This car started to be produced in Brazil, 12 units were sold and the factory simply disappeared!!! the owners have no support, their cars are full of defects, have terrible performance, are too much noisy for it's class etc. At least here in Brazil the car was a total failure.<!-- Signature -->
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    that's 170 MPH: do you know how fast that is? How many sedans out there go faster than even 145??? i dont understand: 260 HP for 2.1L, thats over 100HP per L, and you guys say this has gone wrong? I would take this over any other sedan. guaranteed
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    without permission from lotus, mind you, lotus didn't want to be associated with Emme.

    Emme produced a total of 12 of these monstrosities. They were decently fast and very expensive. The interiors were far more appealing, though.
  9. hell. This thing is even faster than the M5.

    And it's NOT a Lotus!!!!!!!!!

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