A QKR SLR - Edition 722

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  1. by Winding Road magazine:
  2. Haha, the torque is up to 605lb-ft, that's insane!

    Thansk for the article.
  3. This thing laps the Nurburgring in 7:30!?!?!?!?!?!??!
  4. Mercedes claims a lap time of 7:40 seconds for the standard SLR with Klass Ludwig at the wheel, but Sport Auto was only able to achieve 7:52. I'd imagine the 722 would be about 7:46.
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  6. im thinking more of a 7:38
  7. 7:30 is impossible
  8. the cover picture is a normal SLR.
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  10. I still say it should be 722hp . . .
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    No. 722 Edition" is a homage by Mercedes-Benz to the unforgettable victory won by the British racing legend Stirling Moss and his co-driver Denis Jenkinson in a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR with the starting number 722 (indicating a start time of 7.22 a.m.) at the Mille Miglia in 1955

    Edith say: post a Link http://www.leftlanenews.com/2006/07/10/mercedes-benz-slr-722-edition-unveiled/
  12. That's nice. It should be 722hp.
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  15. No never 7:38, that just seems to fast for such a heavy car.

    something like mid 7:40's would probably be the best it can achive, but hey who knows.

    Anything can happen.
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    it would be a greater homage to make this car have 722 horsepower
  17. This car is underrated.
  19. oh yea, a car that made mclaren hide in shame, and gordon murray to cry is definatly underrated

    just cause they slighty reduced the weight of the vastly overbloated car and upped the power by 24HP doesnt make it any better competition to a true sports car.

    and its not like they reduced the weight that much, less then 100 lbs were shaved off. hell you can get that by filling up less and cutting off your left foot. i mean its not like you need your left foot in this car because it still has an automatic transmission.

    the most glaring problems of the SLR that kept it from being a sports car were the fact that it was rediculously overweight and it had an automatic gear box, this hasnt changed.

    you cannot have alot of horsepower and just lable a car a "sports car." a sports car is a dedicated car intended to be fast, not to be plush. plush can be had as long as it doesnt interfere with the fast in any way.

    yes this car is still nice to own, of all the supercars [excluding the veyron] i probly would buy this as a daily driver because it just makes sense, but it certainly is no sports car.
  20. Agree
  21. I am not a big fan of the SLR, but i guess i like this one a little better. It is sort of ugly though, with all the black this and tinted that and the ugly little red back on the fenders. It's just such an awkward looking car. Meh.
  22. It's a McLaren F1 LM/Dauer 962 compeititor, not an ultimate GT car like Mercedes Intended
  23. No one was calling it a sports car. It is just a super GT, really underrated in how good it actually is because it keeps being compared to things like the Enzo and CGT, even though it is much more livable and almost as fast.
  24. actually they are... no body tests Rolls Royce Phantoms on a track, or Bentleys for that matter [im sure some do but its pretty widely accepted that theyre not sports cars]

    Why do you think they attatched mclaren to the SLR, is it to make a plushy GT car? they could have made this car without mclaren easily if they were intending to make a GT car, fact is they were trying to make a sports car but failed because mercedes wanted too much

    but thats all irrelevant

    my point isnt in response to it being a sports car, its to the fact that they tried to MAKE it into a sports car with this 722 edition, yet didnt really adress the main issues that keep it from being one.
  25. It's overweight, it's flawed, Mercedes should have backed off more and let McLaren doing their thing - but you can't be serious when you say it isnt a sports car.

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