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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by theHonk, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. If you could take a drug that would make happy/satisfied your entire life, no matter what conditions you are in, would you? If you're cold you're happy. If you're hot you're happy. If you're starving you're happy. If your arm was just cut off you're happy.

    If no, please tell me why.
  2. no, that would be absolutely retarded. that's not life, that's bullshit.
  3. Think about it though. It wouldn't bother you because you would be happy with it.

    You've really got to open your mind to this. Don't think it's something retarded coming from a drug-fiend teen, it relates well to the goal of all humans.
  4. no because if someone dies that you care you dont wanna be happy about that shit
  5. It won't matter though because you'll be satisfied with not being sad about it... you'll be happy that you're not sad about it.
  6. No, because you're an arse clown.
  7. This arse clown has a good point and y'all can't deny this shieeet.
  8. If you're happy all the time you would have no reason to do anything, so you'd probably have no ambition. That would be a boring life.
  9. You'd be satisfied with the boredom though, you'd be happy with it.

    If you guys haven't realized it yet, the goal of all humans and the reason for every single one of our actions is to become happy/satisfied. Whether it is small matters like changing the channel because you aren't satisfied with what's on the television, or large things, like going to college because you can earn more money, have more fun, and be happier. Before you argue me on this, think about it.
  10. I you are confusing happiness with satisfaction.

    Satisfaction is earned, you can't just have satisfaction.

    Also, happiness is not everything. Say I'm on a long ass road trip and I get lost a million times, I wouldn't be happy but I get to experience those emotions and feelings and one I have arrived, I would be satisfied.
  11. no, you need to think about it. being happy isn't everything. ups without downs means there are no ups.
  12. It would have no meaning without the other emotions...
  13. You're right, satisfaction and happiness are two different things, but it seems with human nature often satisfaction=happiness. To get my point across I felt it was neccessary to say this.

    Satisfaction and happiness are both earned the same way, chemical reactions in your brain. If there was a drug to permanently make those reactions occur then it would always be earned and you would always be satisfied no matter what.
  14. You would be satisfied with that though, it wouldn't matter.
  15. Try to think of it more as satisfaction. The reason I included happiness is because often happiness=satisfaction. There are ways to be satisfied without happiness, although when that happens, you are happy.

    If that's confusing think about this. Say you are always happy and you want to be sad. For some reason you become sad, now you are satisfied and therefore happy because you have gained what you wanted. Makes sense does it not?
  16. There is nothing happy about being happy all the time. What I mean is, without sadness, you wouldn't know what happiness is. We embrace the feeling happyness now because it's a deviation from the normal feeling. If I let you eat your favorite food every single meal, you wouldn't enjoy it anymore. Being happy is a treat and that's why we like it.
  17. Once again you're dwelling on happiness. Satisfaction is the key. Like I said in my other post. Say you got bored of happy and wanted to be sad. If, for some reason, you became sad, you would now be satisfied with obtaining what you wanted.
  18. Don't be a moron. What you are being now is ignorant. I liken what you are saying to, "the chicken can first" because we can go on infinatly.

    Like I said, you are combining the word happiness with satisfaction. The essence of feels prevents you from ever being happy forever. Feelings and emotions regulate us and keep us from ever having a "dull" moment. Your drug just can't happen. You even said it yourself, you will want to be sad but then once you become sad, you are happy again. There will still be a brief period of time where you are unhappy with your situation. And I don't need a drug to do that, it's called being optimistic.
  19. no drug needed. be optimistic and lower your standards.
  20. First of all, optimism is for idiots who like to lie to themselves. No matter how optimistic you are you'll still be down sometimes.

    You continually dwell on happiness instead of satisfaction, even after I explained to you that they are separate and why I had them together before.

    The reason you become happy after you become sad is because you are satisfied. Happiness is the emotion that comes from getting what you want. Now listen up here, because it's the key and I can tell you're making false analogies. You can't get bored of an emotion, it simply does not happen. The feeling of true happiness is not something that gets bad, because happiness is good. Sure having your favorite meal is good until you eat it too much, and then your emotions change from happy to bad. The thing is you can't get sick of the emotion happy, because then the emotion happy would be the emotion sad and that's a completely different chemical reaction! Wrap your head around it.

    Obviously this drug can never exist, the point of me asking the question is to try to get people to realize the goal of all humans.
  21. Shouldn't you be hanging from a noose somewhere?
  22. you've simply described every major abused drug in society. it makes people feel better than they normally do in reality. when they get hooked, they need that feeling all the time. when their lives fall apart, they need it even more. and most of the time, the addiction cycle is only broken when the person finally dies.
  23. exactly. 'would you do oxy cotton if you could?'
  24. is that like, cotton air? like cotton candy, but you're all like "are you diggin this air?!"

    riiiiiiide the Stimutax....
  25. There's nothing more satisfying than working hard and achieving life goals you've set (i.e. to be financially successful or start a family). A drug can only do some much. It's the easy way out, which eventually leads to destruction as millions have been examples.

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