A respectable car!!!

Discussion in '1997 Lotus Esprit V8' started by RLQ, Aug 10, 2002.

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    I aree w/ that.<!-- Signature -->
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    I had one of these toy with me at the lights a while back. The guy was obviously having fun - we exchanged waves, and then he started revving - he dumped the clutch and lit up the rear tyres - so much damn smoke - and I had the roof off! He lost me at about 40mph. I caught up with him about a half mile later - he grinned, saluted, and launched off again!

    I know of another Le Mans convoy which included one of these and a F355 - the Lotus hit 180mph and outdragged the Ferrari on every occasion that they opened the cars up
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    this is probly more than respectable. it has almost everything you can think of and it doesnt cost 300k. maybe around 100k, but its still cheaper.<!-- Signature -->
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    Its 80k here in CA USA.

    One of the cheapest production exotic cars ever made IMo.

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