A very uplifting story from AP today

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  1. On my way home from my ultrasound today, I saw a homeless guy by the side of the road. I've seen him there off and on for a while but never had time to stop or cash with me.

    So today I intentionally turned into the bank by the intersection and got out some money. I drove up and waved him over and said 'here you go partner, my life is in bad shape too but hope this can help you out'.

    He said thank you and asked if I could drive him to mcdonalds? Its really hot and I don't want to walk all that way, I noticed he had a black eye and I said no I have to go. I drove down the road, pulled over, took stuff out of my front seat and drove back around the block. Came back around and he was no where to be found. I turned and saw him walking towards McDonalds with his thumb hanging out towards the road.

    Pulled over and told him to hop in. He climbed in, thanked me and said its as hot as hell... and I didn't realize it was 89 degrees F so he wasn't kidding. Drove for a few minutes and he told me he was waiting to hear back from a local pizza place about a job and was waiting for his section 8 housing application to go through. Said he was jumped a few nights ago by a group of guys who took what little money he had from asking motorists for money. Said he's trying to make it and get his life back on track. After talking with him more and looking at his clothing, I could tell he was a Vet from Iraq or Afghanistan and obviously had PTSD or DU exposure. So I took him to McDonalds, he thanked me again and said the money would get him by for a few days.

    Even though I felt like death today, it felt great to be able to help someone else who's down on their luck.

  2. Sounds like a great way to operate, especially in your situation. Helping others is about the best way ever to get your mind off your own problems.
  3. Inspiring story that sure make you think that we should all help out as much as we can.
  4. It always feels good to do a nice deed like that. You're a good man AP.
  5. It's really a shame how the US treats its veterans these days.

    Makes all the nationalistic pathos in the US seem even more hypocritical. How many of those people with "support our troops"- bumper stickers would actually help a veteran broken by war?
  6. You forgot an important detail. Was the said homeless person a nigger?
  7. Why is that so important?
  8. Hemi might read this thread at some point
  9. Good point.
  10. Yes because AP helped a veteran and seeing how bad Obama voters treat their veterans, their military and their local law enforcement personnel, it just makes me sick. The ghetto trash mother#$%#ers who are unwilling to work parasites and criminal thugs for the most of them, don't deserve what AP did for this guy, they deserve to starve and die.
  11. sooooo... what exactly is the point you're trying to make? you're being very disingenuous.
  12. I treat our veterans, armed forces members, and law-enforcement officers with the utmost respect. Where's your God now?
  13. It's Obama's fault
  14. He was white but the guys that jumped him were black. I left that part out because I thought it'd be irrelevant.
  15. Yeah as you all know I'm very anti-war and believe the war on terror is based on lies and a misunderstanding of history and foreign policy blowback. I even signed the congressman Grayson's petition to not invade/attack Syria. So my position is to help out the troops even though I'm opposed to the wars.

    Reminds me of Bill Hick's stand up show.... he said he 'supported the war but not the troops which was a less popular position'
  16. Is your logic a #$%#ing treestump or what??? When you help the trash and bad elements of a society you lower youself to their own level and you deserve no praise and no respect at all.
  17. Oh so if you instead stab and beat the ghetto trash senseless, then you are raising yourself above the garbage? Makes sense. Glad we were able to clear that up
  18. I agree. If the vet had been a nigger, AP should have shot him instead.
  19. Your sarcasm detecting module seems to be malfunctioning
  20. I'm not joking, today I was in a different city, I left my appointment early because they were unable to do the bone marrow biopsy because I was in too much paint but it worked out for the best.

    There's a lil farmers market I go to to get lunch when I'm in the area and I was at the corner and saw a guy in a wheelchair, his t shirt said 'hug a vet' and was holding up a sign that said he needed food.

    So I reached out the window and gave him a 10, then went to the market to get myself some lunch. I grabbed two of everything and made a separate bag for him. Came back about 15 minutes later he was still there and I said, I gave you 10 bucks a bit ago... and he said you can have it back, just don't hurt me or something to that effect(shows he's seen some shit living on the streets).

    I said no I don't want it back, here's a few more bucks and I got you a bagged lunch. He said 'wow, I don't know what to say.... no one has been this generous to me' and he asked if he could hug me, I said absolutely, he hugged me then I prayed for him at the street corner. That was the highlight of my year so far.
  21. Spare me your usual worthless crap
  22. That's awesome man. The joy of giving could well prove capable of granting you more healing power than you ever thought possible. Keep it up.
  23. Lol. "Pot, meet kettle!"

    You should take a leaf out of your own book and spare EVERYONE HERE your "usual worthless crap". Anyone as bigoted as you doesn't deserve to have their opinion heard by a wider audience - even an audience that already knows how much of a psycho you are.

    The point I'm getting at is: "#$%# off"
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