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  1. Lamborghini has needed a racing entry for some time in order to be considered legit. They have always been flash cars, but now maybe they can put some substance behind the flash. Opinions?
  2. Ive seen the R-GT race in the ALMS at Mid Ohio and they look spectacular and sound incredible, but they are so of the pace of the Corvettes, it's not even funny. This car will go down in history as a massive failure, it's a shame though, seeing as how cool it is.
  3. The Lamborghini Murcielago R/GT's were campaigned by Krohn-Barbour Racing during the 2004 ALMS schedule. They did a total of 5 races before they pulled the plug. Apparently, the team was SUPPOSED to get factory support so the race effort could continue.....but Lamborghini fell through on that deal. Tracy Krohn didn't have the funds to continue the effort by himself so he had to call it quits at the end of 2004. Too bad. I saw the team race at Petit Le Mans and they were AWESOME to watch. Now there are a couple of teams still running the R/GT's in Europe (FIA-GT Championship) and in Japan as well. Could they be going to Le Mans in 2006???
  4. A Japanese team is hoping to enter one at LeMans, but why, I just can't figure out. The car doesn't have a chance in hell of even a podium...
  5. They managed to enter a car into lemans but they go distoryed by the Corvettes, DB9, S7-R and 575 GT hell even the 430 from GT2 was kicking there asses.

    Its a shame that such a great looking race car would be a complete failuar.

    Atleast its been very competetive in Japan, it did beat a Mclaren F1 and has come in first place atleast once.

    I think the RGT is better of in Speed GT where the caddillacs, Vipers, porsches and Vettes meet. That would be a great place for them at the moment.
  6. Have you seen the street legal version? it will have around 520kw and 750nm, and reach around 370. 0-60 in 3.0secs, and 0-100 in around 6. its nuts!
  7. Have you seen the street legal version? it will have around 520kw and 750nm, and reach around 370. 0-60 in 3.0secs, and 0-100 in around 6. its nuts!
  9. Street legal version?!
  10. No.
  11. That is freaking sick.
  12. why are you so negative towards them. give them a chance, remember who the parent company is (audi in case you forgot), plus remember back in the days when it was the same with the corvette, and they stuck with it and now they are winning. You cant win if you dont show up.
  13. They just won!
  14. about dam time...i believe Lambroghini has a long way to go when it comes to seriouse relayablity in raceing as a hole...thats always been its flaw...its a fast car but if you want to win races you cant be breakin down before you finish the race..And if Lamo wins at LeMans what a shock it would be but its not likely... i think its another win for Corvette...

    And when was Corvette not a winning race car MadSick18???better trade that Skyline for a picture of a Corvette which is a true raceing leagend....And didnt the Corvette C1 win the very first time it went to LeMans? last i checked the C1 won almost overall when all the other cars were breakin down in the rain,the little six cyclinder 2 speed vette just kept goin awsome!
  15. if there is and and right that will be fu(king cherry.
  16. Not against the factory Corvettes they didn't...
  17. A Blue Flame engined Corvette never ran at Le Mans. The first Corvettes to run at Le mans were run in 1960 by Briggs Cunningham and they all had small block V8s.

    I truly feel like you just made that story up to post something that sounded smart...
  18. murcielago or murcielago lp640

  20. STFU
  21. This incredable monster goes 220 mph but the specs dont say it does
  22. Absolute top speed is irrelevant on a sports racing car. Sure if you geared it as tall as possible, it could probably go that fast, but realistically the car will be geared shorter for better overall performance. The fastest this car will EVER actually go is 185-190.

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