Absolutly Gorgeous

Discussion in '1956 Ferrari 290 MM' started by Got Nitrous, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. Yet another beautiful Ferrari. How did they ever make them soooo beautiful.
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    This car just has class plain and simple. If you had one back in the day they would envy you and if you had one tommarow they still would.
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    omg, this thing is truly gorgeous. Ferraris have had and always will have the best styling and extreme class.
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    I agree totally. If only the current feraris could allude back to those of the mid and late 1950's. I'd like to see an new FR ferarri with this classic roadster styling.
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    I think the modern Ferraris (excluding the 456) are the best looking Ferraris in a long time. The 360 is timeless and will be a car worth collecting in 30 years times. And if you like a Ferrari with classic roadster styling with a little (a lot) of modern interpretation, check out the Ferrari Pinin concept (actually designed by the same guy who did the new Viper SRT-10)
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    very tru ferrari has the vest class of all time.
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    it sure as hell is
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    Ferraris are pieces of art. Always have been, always will be.
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    one of ferrari's best
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    A truely great car.
    When you look at it closely you can see where they took the 250 Testarossa design from....

    Surely this was the best era of car design, everything since has often been far from the best, and now manufacturers are having to copy/reinvent the old shapes to attract us to buy there cars.

    European car design rules!
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    Looks great, is great.
    They did a +360hp/tonne car in fifties! real missile...

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