Acabion. up to 2000hp/tonne. 600kmh!! REAL PICS

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  1. "accelerating from 180 mph to 280 mph in approximately 10 seconds, which is impossible even for Formula 1 cars. Even with such a performance it consumes 5 to 10 times less fuel than a state of the art two-seater supercar."

  2. wow. I guess they could produce it. pointless though. who needs to go 600 km/h? sure its fun? but what's the point. high speed cornering = the maddest barrel roll ever. that would be the best part of the car for me. watching retards flip it.
  3. sperm with wheels
  4. Price € 540,000
    Weight 791 lbs
    Torque 221 lb-ft @ 6900 U/min
    HP 354 hp @ 9300 U/min
    HP/Weight 2.2 lbs per hp
    0-280 mph approx. 40 seconds
    Top Speed 342 mph (ungoverned)
  5. thank you. those are better pics.

    where did you obtain them?
  6. look at my custom rank title, or better yet, my signature <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  7. wont replace cars, i guarantee
  8. this is no car, its a motorcycle
  9. the best aerodynamic shape is a waterdrop falling from the sky, and it seems abacion(sp?) has created something very aerodynamic, infact probably almost perfect. though im not for this at all one bit.
  10. 540 000� ?? lol
  11. What in the name of Heaven????
  12. looks like a death trap to me
  13. that is SO lame
  14. .10 is not almost perfect.
  15. its still 3 times better than the dauer 962 and honda NSX
  16. "So how does the Acabion solve traditional contradictions? It is light AND secure. It is slim AND comfortable. It is useful AND beautiful."
    Beautiful HAHA thats a good one.
  17. wtd thats not a car its a bike with stabilizers
  18. Water drops falling from the sky form spheres. They compress into a slightly more pancaked shape if they're bigger. So, uh?
  19. Any news on the amazing banana-mobile?
  20. This is pretty much the same idea Ive been wondering for a while.
    Landspeedrecord for a bike is like 520km/h, which would be concieveable with a streamlined turbobusa, if one would find a rider brave/crazy enough.

    While most of those claims are complete bs, a streamlined bike would be a fine way of traveling at haste, pity true use would require separate roads for them.
  21. With those bike wheels? 600km/h? When? How? Those wheels could never hold the pressure at that speed. And it would be terriblelly unstable with only two wheels...
  22. the biggest problem with this machine is the lack of significant contact with the ground, no downforce with only 2 wheels.

    There is no way Id be going over 350 km/h when all that separates be from death is what looks like to regular superbike tires. THis is heavier than a normal bike and would go alot faster, I wouldnt trust the tires enough.
  23. finally someone on this site has found this thing I have been I big fan of acabion for about a year now , cause there is nothing cooler than a car that gets better mpg @ 180mph than a smart car. the only problem with this bike (that's right its more of bike than a car) is that if you were to try and turn at any speed you probably end up putting it on its side.
  24. I have to laugh at this, it's so shit
  25. maybe they should upgrade it with detachable wings in case of high speed....As for better not!

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