Accel seems slow

Discussion in '2002 Mini Hamann Cooper S' started by Analogic, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. 6.8 sec in any car is fairly quick, however from such a small car I expected faster. I guess it's not that light though. Looks #$%#ing awsome though.<!-- Signature -->
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    I'm a bit surprised too, but like you said, it is heavy for such a small car. Then too, this sites stats couls be wrong in this case. Think of what you would expect from a Civic R with this kind of tourqe and hp. They are of comparable weight, and I would be surprised to see a Civc R turn in 6.8 seconds.<!-- Signature -->
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    Even though its a small car its not a porformance car
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    all u gotta do is pop out the rear/passenger seat(s) throw in a rollcage and u have an instant club racer. Getting rid of the seats should get it down to 1000 kg...<!-- Signature -->
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    Its also front wheel drive which hampers 0-60 times.<!-- Signature -->
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    but with the new mini it isnt so much on the performance, its on the handling, so many people have said that it is the most fun they have had on four wheels. so in the end who cares if the 0-60 is a bit slow, its all about how u get there!
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    The "slower" acceleration is probably mostly affected by the 18 inch rims. Put some 16 inchers and this thing will probably accelerate faster.
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    I agree with Burner. If you just like to see fast acceleration times, go check out Ferrari or some top fuel stats. Acceleration wasn't the reason the Mini did so well in Europe. It's all about driving pleasure.
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    Feel the Power of BMW M. Muscle cars lick my nuts by the way.
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    6.8 seconds isn't a bad acceleration for a car like this and it doesn't have that good of power or torque u rehab. 195 ft pounds isn't that much.
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    this has the same horse power as a mustang v6. And the mustang is heavier. So if im not mistaken this should be faster. but i think the mustang has about the same 0-60. help me out if im wrong here. I think the stats are wrong on it.
    O and by the way hocky ur gay muscle cars kick butt.
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    the accel seems slow because the car is slow. its an everyday car not a racer.
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    It's not that slow though.. I'm sure it'll kick you back in the seat with that kind of pep.
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    it may have the same hp as a mustang, but look at where it gets that power... 6100 rpm!
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    Yeah, it does seem kind of slow, doesn't it? Motor Trend tested the MINI Cooper S to do 0-60 in 6.9 seconds. Only a 10th difference for 25 more hp? lol, maybe a fat guy tested this one.
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    im guessing it just sucks getting off the line.
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    Its a damn 4 banger what do you expect, a 3.3 sec mabey?
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    Damn your stupid, its not all about horsepower, face it, MINIs stats are sad, stop blaming it on the site. There are other factors to acceleration besides horse power so just because two cars weight the smae and have the same 0 - 60 time doesnt mean they are identical


    ignorant idiots
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    If you are so idiot to answer like that, i would like to hear you telling me what are the things that makes a car accelerate faster.
    Funcking asshole!!!!!!!

    Pardon my french
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    Still good, but it comes from the FWD. I'd still buy it and sure as hell love it
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    I dont know how old these posts are but a major problem are the stock tires. It would be faster on like 16s and if you got rid of the run flat tires and got some performance tires.

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