Accessory belt squeaking when cold.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Mr Y, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Why does my friends acessory belt squeak when cold ? he had the belt replaced recently and its sqeaking at idle and at throttle for a while when he starts the car in the morning ? Is the tensioner too tight or loose ? Cheap belt ? Any definite reason you guys know of ?
  2. Try some of that spray stuff for squeaking belts. If it doesn't work, get back to us.
  3. I'll let him know, i'll get em to try tonight and get back to me tomorrow.
  4. Wait, this is the same guy with the "repeated snappage", right?
  5. Thats right. Its not snapping anymore, but he just gets this squeaking for a while when he starts it up after the car cools off. most in the morning.

    I donno what to do for him anymore, I just wanted to know the reason for the squeaking
  6. Could be the pulleys are screwy - if they were breaking belts.

    Instead of lubing the belt you're better off trying to find some of that chalk stuff they use, oil causes a belt to slip.

    Could just be a cheap belt, I've had a few in various cars over the years.
  7. Take an axe and chop the thing off. While the engine is running. At high revs.

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