Affordablke nowadays!

Discussion in '1982 Ferrari 308 GTS' started by bob777, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. Which is why I love them!
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    you can pick one up for 74 grand australian or about 37 grand american
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    I believe it. Since the 308/328 line is the "Honda Civic" of Ferraris, they can be purchased for very reasonable prices nowadays. Most of the ones I've seen come in the $30,000 to $40,000 range. If I had that kind of cash on hand, I'd rather have a used 308 over ANY new Corvette.
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    They are affordable nowadays, and that is great--the opportunity for every enthusiast to own a Ferrari, and the chance to hear an Italian symphony anytime you wish! But they are expensive to maintain. They aren't any worse than any other supercar from the 1980's, but that still means an exorbitant amount of money. If you budget out about $8,000 per year, you should be in the clear. But that hardly sounds affordable to me. I can't wait until the 360 Modena is in that position in 20 years, because it is as reliable as a Lexus, and it goes like the devil on Judgement night, running from Christ!
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    as much as i like vettes it would be worth it just for the ferrari name
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    no way are those times right, i have a stock nonturbo 300zx thats quicker than those number, but this cars got more horsepower, less weight and only a slightly higher topspeed, how is it possible that it is this slow, i bet it can do mid 14 1/4 miles. even if the numbers r right, its still a sweet ride.
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    my aunt has one, not sure if it's a quattrovalvole, but i've always liked the 308's. that thing sure is a kick in the pants
  8. Don't bet on speed with this thing. It's a very conservative engine built with '80s technology and fuel economy in mind...

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