Airshow at our local airfield this weekend.

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    Some Texans, a pair of Washingtonians and one dude from Colorado just arrived with their Falcons to my hometown.

    They will be doing practise flights today and tomorrow, Ill try to get some shots at them. Didnt have my camera with me today... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    There will be Dutch Falcons arriving too, dunno when.
  2. Looking forward to any pics.
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  4. cool shots. hopefully the sky clears up for the show.
  5. I skipped my track day and attended the Air Show... Pics if the internet connection allows from this field they use as parking lot... Im stuck as people are queueing out.

  6. I love seeing pics of fighters on the ground with crew beside them. You really get a sense of size. I dont know if its just me but fighters in the air always seem a lot smaller to me.
  7. Yeah, they do always look small with nothing to give them scale, then you see them on the ground, especially thing like F15's and F14's, and you realise they are massive.

    Nice pics, too.
  8. yeah, and F-16's are small compared to 14/15's

    F-111's are HUGE in person
  9. Our airport now has an old Dragen standing inside of the roundabout, it looks tiny.

    I vandered only about an hour today, it started to rain and forecast was rain for rest of evening, so Im only adding a few photos from today.

  10. If you think modern fighter jets are huge, wait until you see a C-5 in person.
  11. I mean you understand that its a big #$%#ing plane when you see pictures of it; its certainly impressive in person, but you already kind of assume it will be big.

    Fighters on the other hand seem like really small things when you see pictures of them in the air, so when you see a person standing next to one it really throws you.

    I think the problem comes from the cockpit; theyre a lot bigger than they seem.
  12. Yep.
  13. thats not a cockpit, its a freaking escape pod where the pilot and weapons officer sit goddamm side by side. and when they hit eject, they just chill in there
  14. Hah. True.
  15. Umm isn't Swedish like your mother language or something?
  16. True.

    Always felt the F-111 was more of a small bomber than a fighter jet.
  17. F-16 me encanta
  18. hmm, never seen this one before
  19. No. Although I do speak it with my father -> Which is why we dont speak much...

  20. wiki tells me "Fouga Magister"
  21. Fouga Magister, French Two seater jet trainer.

    If you look at the picture it actually say "Fouga" on the side of the aircraft.
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