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  1. As far as I know, drinking alcoholic drinks is forbiden in Muslim religion. But do Muslim people continue not drinking alcoholic drinks or things have changed a little bit?
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  3. haha how dare you talk like that to ME?!
  4. It depends... in the US, most muslims drink, however, most drink socially...

    In some countries, such as Iran, drinking and alchoholic beverages are illegal, my father could not even bring some cooking wine into the country because he wanted to make some Italian dishes for my relitives.

    In some more westerized countries, such as Dubai, if a bar can give a legitament reason saying that a lot of tourists visit that bar, then they will be given a liqour liscense... Drinks are still somewhat uncommon in the middle east, however, its not really considered something very bad to do so, unless you get drunk off your ass
  5. I hate when religion is over the government.
  6. Thanks for the info. BTW in Turkey many muslims do drink quite a lot sometimes.
  7. How's the situation between Greece and Turkey (and Cyprus..) currently?
  8. The situation between Greece and Turkey is much better than it used to be before and there are quite a lot of Turks which are philhellenes and many greeks philoturks. Personally I like turkey. But there are some complicated governmental and non-governmental problem. For exemple many greeks still hate turkey and I believe that same happens in turkey. Another weird thing that is happening is that nearly every week there are turkish aircrafts flying above the aegean sea, illegally, and sometimes there might be a combat between aircrafts but thankfully nobody has died, yet... And there's the problem with Cyprus, Cypriots hate turkey, turkish people hate cyprus. That's what actually destroys our relationship.

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