Alfa Romeo 4C - Geneva begins

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Innotech, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. my first thought as well
  2. true
  4. Everybody diagrees with me all the time, but you! - You are always so fuxxxing wrong. Just wrong. You don't have to. Just read.
  5. "Alfa is currently evaluating production possibilities for the 4C, which could finally lead the company's long-awaited return to the North American market" Untill then...this is still just a concept.
  6. stop being a silly troll
  7. also, does look alot like the artega gt as inno eluded to
  8. Not that I don't like it but I don't like the fact that Alfa made a really nice model (8C) and now is lending 8C's design characteristics to new models.. I heard that it weighs less than 850kg, really hope the production model will also weigh ~850kg!
  9. i wish, but somehow i dont see it
  10. I've seen the Canto live last year when I went to Sant'Agata and you can trust me the intakes bear no resemblence
  11. PORSCHE you know the one like this that wont catch fire
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  13. Which, the air-cooled??

    This car could be boners... just clean the design a little bit and it could be epic.
  15. lol
  16. holy god damn that is beautiful!

    if you disagree, then you hate cars.
  17. i'm not sure about the rear but the rest is nice.
  18. woot will hate it
  19. I love this.
  20. this is only the 3rd AR I've ever liked. I'm a certain alfa hater, but i can't say a word to this car.. It is drop...dead...gorgeous.

  21. I want it, no I need it.
  22. Very nice!!! Looks a little sqashed, but I'm nitpicking

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