Alfa Romeo 8C with a General Lee paint scheme?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by V8stangman, Jan 30, 2012.

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  2. A black man probably drives it.
  3. someone with a sense of humor
  4. ugh, way to ruin that car
    besides, they got the shade of orange wrong
  5. looks nice imo
  6. Well it's all the same company now.
  7. The cars looks bulbous and awful in that photo, honestly.
  8. one can only hope it's a vinyl wrap
  9. These people can't park.[
  10. troll detected!
  11. if thats a wrap... owner is pretty funny

    if that is paint... wtf
  12. it may be bulbous but at least it's fast.
  13. they look great you stupid american. This is why you are not allowed Alfa Romeos
  14. dahldrin is actually correct about the picture
  15. Say's who? You?
  16. Yes, the convertibles in that pic look better. It's the shape of the side and rear windows that make it look too round
  17. is that a fact?
  18. clearly it is
  19. top notch work, ging
  20. i hope spyder enjoys his new car
  21. what racing series is that paint scheme from coz ive seen it on muscle cars before
  22. Intercontinental Le Mans Cup.
  23. Needs a good three to four inches chopped above the wheel wells and roof needs to be flattened a bit. A double bubble top would work well.
  24. yeah some sort of double bubble thing would be cool, perhaps zagato should style a special

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