**** all u #%$ets

Discussion in '2002 Bentley Arnage R' started by Brit cars rule, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Aggressive.......but correct<IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"><!-- Signature -->
  2. This car is #$%#in amazing. How can all of u morons dis this shit. Ur all just #$%#in jealous because u all drive dodge neons and chevy impalas. So shut u dirtbags, this car is worth more than all of ur pathetic lives combined into one.
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    why are we dising this car.Because for 300 000$ you can have a much nicer car like a ferrari and a much more performent car like a lamborghini or viper..........and it looks if it's designed in the 50's
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    Do you drive a bentley? didnt think so.
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    we're dissing this car, because of the following:
    1. it's not the best british car...
    2. Jaguar rips this car apart at more than half the price.
    3. Bently is owned by VW.
    4. it's overpriced.
    5. Ferraris are better looking, more affordable
    6. Arden Jaguars ar $140k have more luxury options than a Bently
    7. It's nothing more than a rip off, of a Jaguar, except a higher price
    8. People like you.
    and many other reasons....

    then, here's another point...

    Who drive bentlys?
    1. Rich Old people.
    2. Car collectors that have no better thing to do, than buy one.
    3. Rappers,
    4. Mike Tyson, wait...he was smart enough not to get one; got the Jaguar XJ220 TWR instead, so at least he got taste...
    so scatch that.
    4. Vinny Testervaderi drives one... people, i think thats says a lot.
    5. dead people... aka dead rappers that have gotten shot...
    6. NOT YOU!
    7. NOT I.
    8. and probably most of the people in Supercars.net wouldn't want to drive one at its price.

    i think, i have proved enough why we're dissing this car, without the use of foul language in the process.
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    no i drive a Jaguar Vanden Plas, and a Sable Platinum...
    and hope to buy an Arden XK RS in the near future....
    what do you drive?
    at its 300,000 price, it's a rip off.
    and i dont' know about you, but my life is definetly worth a lot more than that....
    and hmmm, at least i know how to not use foul language in my posts.
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    R. Please, do not discontent this car because of your opinion of "performance". The car is a luxury car. Ther whole car is made to be as comfortable as possible. Handling = bad, but Softness of ride = excellent. acceleration = bad, torque = excellent. It is only a matter of opinion. The car is on Supercars.net for a reason. It's not the fastest car, but it is the most luxurios, and if you live in the city, I'd rather drive this car than a porsche. If i'd live in the country, or in the mauntains, any sports car would surpass this car in "preformance".

    Performance is related to the setting. For what this car is made for, it is a high performer.
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    and that's why you'd get a Jaguar Arden instead..
    handling = great
    softness = great
    acceleration = awesome
    torque = awesome
    it's luxurious, but it's sub par to an Arden Jaguar.
    Whether it be the XJR or the XJ Super 8, S-Type R, as sedans, if you don't think the XKR is a far comparison.
    i showing you some pictures of the Arden X-Type, nothing like the XJ nor the XK.
    i honestly like bently, however VW hasn't done anything to merit the company, while Jaguar is steam rolling along, as UK best.
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    Why does everyone bring up price when talking about bentlys? If you are even considering spending 300,000 dollars on a car price is obviously of no concern to you and your going to want the best (luxury wise) that your money can get. simple as that....also Mike Tyson as i remember bit off a guys ear, his tastes are a little bit off if you ask me. I have nothing against jaguar but concerning luxury, Bently is by far the better.
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    i actually like the old bentlys
    the new ones, well, they're nothing more than a weaker and overpriced Jaguar.
    some would argue that bently can't match a Jaguar Vanden Plas.
    bently luxury stinks when compared to an arden jaguar.
    not saying bently luxury compenent isn't good.. but when compared to what's out there... there is more luxurious cars at cheaper prices.
    many would even atest to that.
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    THIS IS A LUXURY CAR-PURE LUXURY! this car was not made for speed, this is one sweet ass car...asss
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    Get off this website.
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    Your foolish. What if I don't want to be shoehorned into a car? Ever thought of that? What if I'm looking for a car that will give me exceptional comfort in addition to impressive performance? What if I'm looking for great build quality. Your obviously under 18 years of age and i shouldn't bother explainig myself. No Other car on the planet feels like this.
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    Jaguar guy, look at the two names your using, Jaguar and Bentley... no think about that...dont get it yet, ill explain..
    1. first off i love jaguars, im tryin to get my parents to get me one, because they are beatiful cars. but...
    2. when i talk about Jaguar and Bentley (refering to the name part) its like sayin nike sweater shirt vs. Gucci sweatshirt, which would u rather have? even though one is more explensive, people would perfer the Gucci. basically that same thing, but name difference.
    3. Jags are put together by a junky machine and computer, while Bentley's are hand crafted, and u get to pick the leather you want, my dad owns a leather company, and he tells me that prices for car leather can rocket through the roof, when campairing a Bentley to a Jag or Benz. bentley's have everything a jag does, but twice as better
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    To JaguarX:

    Ok, I can see you're obviously a little biased towards Jaguars, since you claim to own a couple, your screen name has to do with Jags, and so does your avatar. And I can work with that. Also, I respect you for not using profanity in your posts. If you had used profanity, I probably wouldn't even take the time to respond.

    But we have to remember here, a lot of this is opinions. Yes, true, an Arden Jaguar is very nice, but it's just the prestige of the Bentley. The overwhelming feeling you get simply by being in it's presence. Now, I've never been in an Arden Jaguar nor a Bentley, so I'm not sure how the luxuriousness of the interiors compare to each other. I do know that Bentleys are hand built, and unquestionably more popular than an Arden Jaguar. All I'm saying is, I don't know much, but surely Bentleys don't cost $300,000 for nothing. I'm positive you get what you pay for.

    Thank you.

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