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  1. ALMS Future Plans

    Some rumors have been going around that because of the low car counts for the ALMS that they may bring in a Formula Le Mans class. These are small prototype cars with GM LS3 engines.

    I'd much prefer them start a full GT3 class. They already have a base with the Challenge class. The GT3 Class in the FIA GT3 Championship is very popular. And with GT1 gone it only seems fitting to replace a GT class with another GT class.

    What are your thoughts?


    For the 2010 ALMS Season, it has been CONFIRMED that there will be a new class called the LMP Challenge Class, and the cars will be LS3 powered Formula Le Mans cars.

    LMP1 and LMP2 will be combining into one class.

    So we will have:
  2. ALMS Future Plans

    I've been hearing the FLM rumors for some time now, and I do not like it one bit.

    Firstly, the ALMS has prided itself for years for NOT being spec, in virtually any way and I see no reason to start now. The economy is bad and every racing series is having to cope, but I don't see why the ALMS should defy its principles, just to fill the grid.

    Secondly, they're saying that the cars in this proposed class will cost just $345K out the door, which significantly undercuts the cost of even a GT2 car. If private teams that run GT2 now can move up to the temporary fixxer class for less money, what will the GT2 grid look like next year?

    Third, the speed differentials of these cars will likely cause problems. Just as the ALMS challenge cars and the GT1 cars have for differing reasons, these cars will reak havoc on the competitors that are vying for the championships that really matter.

    The cars are built by Courage (which explains Oreca's reasoning behind coming to Petit)

    And as far as GT3 goes, you can't assume the ALMS has Speed GT to fill that void. That series is sanctioned by the SCCA, not IMSA, and sure they run races together, but they're not a package deal. IMSA is a firm believer in a single GT class for the ALMS and the future of ACO racing. A year ago, I'd have never like the idea, but it makes sense now. It keeps the racing refreshingly simple and easy to follow and the more the class grows, the more manufacturers can make a case to enter it as the level of competition is just through the roof right now.

    GT3 cars as they are in Europe are getting VERY close to the level of GT2 performance, and I think instilling that into the ALMS is just unecessary. I've really warmed up to the idea of having just 2 classes, 1 LMP and 1 GT.
  3. ALMS Future Plans

    I wouldn't mind just 2 classes either if they could have at least 15 cars in each class. I think the economy should be turned around by the 2011 season for sure, so hopefully that will happen.
  4. ALMS Future Plans

    Prototype and GranTouring. Thats all I need.
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    ALMS Future Plans

    For the 2010 ALMS Season, it has been CONFIRMED that there will be a new class called the LMP Challenge Class, and the cars will be LS3 powered Formula Le Mans cars.

    LMP1 and LMP2 will be combining into one class.

    So we will have:

    More info to come...
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    I'm still not sure how I feel about this, but it is what it is. Back in the 50s and 60s, extreme class changes happened all the time, so it should still be a good show.

    And Draper, I'd reccommend you find a different venue to find your racing news. I love BBV, but their writing is far too biased, and often times quite offensive, considering they're affiliated with the actual race team.
  7. I actually really like the idea of a FLM class.
  8. ah fui...

    glad LMP 2 and 1 are becoming 1
  9. Spec racing in the ALMS is NOT a good idea. Period.
  10. Is the GT3 Challenge class spec? Or is everyone just running Porsches because they're more easily available ?
  11. This recent news has made me much more inclined to watch so it's not all bad either. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  12. Currently it's just GT3 Porsches, although more cars will likely become eligible in time.
  13. What ever happened to the GT2 Jaguar that was supposed to arrive in the 09 season?
  14. It'll likely make its debut at Petit Le Mans. They've had a few setbacks but will still be debuting sometime this season.
  15. My ALMS classes wish list:

    Group C
  16. That would be a great way to bring more WOW into the series.

    But why don't they just add more teams to the GT1 class? screw the vettes i say.Oh and yea group c's would be so awesome to see to, mmm.
  17. It's not so simple as to just "add more teams" to a class. GT1 is a dying class (and basically dead in the ALMS already). It's too expensive for most teams to run, and in the ALMS, the Vettes have driven away competition. 1 GT class based on GT2 is all we need.
  18. I really wouldn't mind. I was at RA yesterday for the race and was somewhat underwhelmed by the amount of cars.
  19. That's mostly to do with the economy though. We had more than 30 actual ALMS car last year (with no GT3 Challenge class) before everything took a dive into the shitter.

    I think the ALMS should have tried to weather the storm and held out til things improved rather than to add these classes as "fixes".
  20. Me, Blitzschnell, and Hetzen were there to.
  21. Exactly. Then the series will go into bankruptcy and teams can focus on different series since ALMS doesn't exist anymore.
  22. Don Panoz has enough money to keep the series going for as long as he'd like...

    It was confirmed that one of the current ALMS Challenge entries will be moving up to GT2 next year. Hopefully the challenge classes will be seen as kind of a stepping stone for lower budget professional teams to get into the series and eventually move up into the big classes.

    I hope it doesn't become a case of you just get a bunch of crummy gentleman drivers filling the grid and ruining the race for the LMP and GT cars.
  23. I've gotten word that a MAJOR new LMP effort will be revealed tomorrow on Radio Le Mans' Mid-Week Motorsports.

    Not sure if it'll pertain to the ALMS or LMS, but I'm excited to see what it is regardless. Perhaps Toyota?

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