ALMS/LMS/Le Mans Guessing Game 2010 - Who's in?

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by rabbitl1, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. Racing season is almost upon us and the sports car racing season kicks off in less than 3 weeks with the 12 Hours of Sebring! As per the last few years, I'm gonna set up another ALMS guessing game like we've done, but this year I'm proposing we increase the number of races we guess for.

    Here's what I'm proposing:
    ALMS - 9 Races
    LMS - 5 Races
    24 Hours of Le Mans - 1 Race
    Asian Le Mans Series - TBA

    Anybody who wants to play just post in this thread and we can get things started. Let me know if you guys have any thoughts on changes to last years rules or things you want to add in or take out.

    The PM feature doesn't work, so I can't send messages to remind you guys a race weekend is coming up, but when we decide which races we're going to use, I'll make a combined calendar.
  2. I think last year we scored it

    Overall Winner: 8 pts
    1st: 6
    2nd: 4
    3rd: 2

    I think we also said there was double points for races over 4 hours. If we want to include the LMS and AsLMS, I think we'll need to adjust the double points requirements as all of those races are more than 4 hours.

    Any ideas?
  3. Here's what the schedule would look like if we did the ALMS/LMS/24 Hours:

    March 20 - Sebring (ALMS) - 12 Hours
    April 11 - Paul Ricard (LMS) - 8 Hours
    April 17 - Long Beach (ALMS) - 1 Hour, 40 Minutes
    May 9 - Spa-Francorchamps (LMS) - 1000 KM (About 6 Hours)
    May 22 - Laguna Seca (ALMS) - 6 Hours
    June 12 - 24 Hours of Le Mans - 24 Hours
    July 11 - Miller Motorsports Park (ALMS) - 2 Hours, 45 Mins
    July 17 - Algarve (LMS) - 1000 KM (About 6 Hours)
    July 24 - Lime Rock Park (ALMS) - 2 Hours, 45 Mins
    August 7 - Mid Ohio (ALMS) - 2 Hours, 45 Mins
    August 22 - Road America (ALMS) - 2 Hours, 45 Mins
    August 22 - Hungaroring (LMS) - 1000 KM (About 6 Hours)
    August 29 - Mosport (ALMS) - 2 Hours, 45 Mins
    September 12 - Silverstone (LMS) 1000 KM (About 6 Hours)
    October 2 - Petit Le Mans (ALMS) - 1000 Miles (About 10 Hours)

    The schedule for the Asian Le Mans Series hasn't been announced yet, but I'm pretty sure all of their races will be in the fall.

    Any thoughts?
  4. What do you guys think about double points scoring races?

    Last year it was 4+ hour races were double points. If we keep that same formula, we'll have double points in 9/15 races.

    If we made double points scored on races 8+ hours long, we'd have 4 double points races.

    What do you guys think?
  5. I am in. Don't really care about the double point thing.
  7. Ok, I've decided to keep 4+ hours for double races. It'll make for a higher point total and make for bigger amounts of points per race.
  8. I'm in but is this just an overall win or is there a seperate class for the GT Cars?
  9. you pick top 3 of ever series and overall win
  10. What if we just made every race worth double what they were last year and not have a double points rule? Any thoughts on scoring?
  11. Top 3 in every class and the overall winner as Vision said! I can't wait for the season to start!!!
  12. I vote no on this.

    I would be ok with something like 1.5x for 4-8 ours 2x for 8+ hours and 2.5x for Le Mans.
  13. I'm going to the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year :D:D:D
  14. I think I'd like to keep it more simple than that.

    How about 2x for 4+ hours and 3x for 10+ Hours?
  15. this works
  16. that's fine since we are doing the Euro LMS, and may be the Asian LMS
  17. Sounds good.
  18. So that gives us:

    3 races at 3x points
    6 Races at 2x Points
    6 Races at 1x Points
  19. add me to it plz
  20. Ok, I'll be making the official thread for Sebring on monday, so look out for that!
  21. I would, but i have no way of watching the damn sport.
  22. There are probably streams for it on Justintv

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