ALMS: Long Beach Grand Prix Entry List

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    Items of Interest:
    - Team Cytosport is making its debut running one of Dyson's B06/10s from last season
    - Risi will field 2 cars after one crashed heavily at St. Pete (Team owns 3 cars) with Anthony Lazzaro and Nic Jonsson in the #61
    - Peterson/White Lightning has acquired another Ferrari after the massive Tomas Enge accident resulting in a write off. Dirk Mueller will drive in Enge's place
  2. I have a feeling this is going to be Tafel's podium race!
  3. And Flying Lizard's win!
  4. I'd be happy with one or the other.
  5. I'd be happy as long as Melo and Salo lose.
  6. ive been away for a week but was able to see last weeks race and it was actully pretty decent except for all the cautions, great action plus ferrari 2 for 2 now. i dont know if this is true but i heard something about Autocon buying a Creation?
  7. ohh nvm i just saw the article allready covered on so i guess its gonna be interesting to see two creations now.
  8. And an LMP1 Lola. Team Cytosport is running one of the Ex-Dyson Lola B06/10s from last year. They're making their debut at Long Beach next weekend.
  9. are they running the whole season?
  10. Picks
    P1-#2 Audi R10
    P2-#26 Acura
    GT1-#3 Corvette C6-R
    GT2-#71 Porsche 997 RSR
  11. They're running 8 of the remaining 10 races this season and then a full season in 2008. Not sure which ones they're skipping though.
  12. My Picks:

    P1: #1 Audi R10
    P2: #16 Dyson Porsche
    GT1: #3 Corvette
    GT2: #45 Flying Lizard Porsche
  13. Anybody going to be there? I'll be covering the entire weekend. Can't wait to see my first ALMS race.

    Why no Aston?
  14. They're pussies who are afraid of Corvette. Despite the fact that both Corvette and Aston won 5 races each yet, and Corvette won the championship by the narrowest of margins. Aston Martin Racing is doing only the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year.
  15. Audi R10 TDI competes in “Monaco of USA”

    - American Le Mans Series debuts in Long Beach
    - Most important street race in America
    - US VIPs intrigued by Audi Diesel sportscar

    While the wraps are officially being taken off the 2007 DTM season in Dusseldorf on Sunday, the American motorsport fans are looking with mounting interest towards Long Beach (USA) this coming weekend: In the Californian coastal town close to Los Angeles the most important and traditional street race in USA will take place. The event has been held since 1975 and was earlier the scene of the US Formula 1 Grand Prix. The 33rd running this year welcomes the American Le Mans Series for the first time – and, as a result, also the Audi R10 TDI.

    The revolutionary Audi Diesel sportscar and its winning streak have hogged the headlines in the USA for more than one year. Most of the fans – including the many celebrities visiting Long Beach this weekend from Los Angeles, Malibu or Beverly Hills to see the race – are excited about the appearance of the powerful 650 hp Le Mans Prototype in the "Monaco of USA”.

    "In contrast to Europe, the subject of Diesel is only just starting to break through in the USA,” says German actor Ralf Moeller, who lives in California, is friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and is also a big motorsport fan. "The Audi R10 TDI is excellent proof of just what a state-of-the-art Diesel engine can produce. The Americans are well impressed by it. The Diesel will also establish itself in the USA in the long term.”

    Team Audi Sport North America proved 14 days ago by taking a one-two in St. Petersburg (Florida) that the Audi R10 TDI, which was specifically developed for the high-speed circuit at Le Mans, can also win on street circuits. The track in Long Beach is new for every driver. Allan McNish, who flew out to California on Tuesday and inspected the circuit on foot, is convinced that the spectators can prepare themselves for a very exciting race: "The circuit is made up of a series of tight corners, but also straights. Although the regulations stipulate that our R10 TDI must weigh 150 kg more than the lighter LM P2 cars from Porsche and Acura/Honda it will be a close battle yet again.”

    Like his team mates Dindo Capello, Emanuele Pirro and Marco Werner, the Scotsman is really looking forward to the event in Long Beach. "It’s a fantastic event with a great history. The backdrop of the Queen Mary in the harbour, where a part of our team is staying, is quite unique,” enthuses the Scot.

    The first American Le Mans Series race in Long Beach starts at 4 p.m. local time (1 a.m. Sunday morning German time) and lasts for 1 hour 40 minutes.
  16. Picks:
    P1: #12 Autocon Motrsports - Lola/AER (I can dream can't I?)
    P2: #06 DHL - RS Spyder
    G1: #03 Corvette - C6R
    G2: #71 Tafel - GT3 RSR

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