Alonso not as good as some people think

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    "Alonso is a superb racer, with a great racing brain and capable of commanding performances.

    But to clearly establish superiority over drivers of the calibre of Hamilton and, yes, Button, would require a freakish raw speed that he doesn’t have.

    He’s enormously fast – but not freakishly so. Freakishly fast is someone like Michael Schumacher, as proved in testing recently at Barcelona where after a year’s lay-off he climbed back into the car on a general test day and was immediately fastest."


    "Alonso has done many remarkable things in his career but he has only very rarely produced the lap that made you question how it could be possible – the sort of thing Schumacher or Ayrton Senna before him used to do several times in a season."
  2. itv

    and the Schumacher hype will be over after the Race of Champions.
  3. who the #$%# told this..I mean, I don't care, alonso is shit but this text is too
  4. British press cannot be taken seriously on anything related to Alonso.
  5. neither can you
  6. De-nile ain't a river in egypt...
  7. whoever uses freakishly fast cant be trusted.
  8. It's not really fair to say he's not of the best drivers right now. He's won 2 championships afer all and was less than a stones throw to a third

  9. Ha ha so true...

    Anyway ALOLnso is a #$%#ing psycho so it doesn't really matter how fast is he.

  10. but having faster and more reliable cars than most of the field.
  11. Who cares ?
  12. he never was as good as some people think!
  13. I prefer him not being freakishly fast, because that would mean he is a freak......
  14. lol @ putting button in the same category as hamilton.
  15. I don't see that big of a problem with it.
  16. Button was as much overrated as ALOLnso when he started in Formula 1,
    ALOLnso just had more luck with Renault and McLaren as Button with Honda but is no better driver

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