Am I the only one that loves Harley Davidson?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Motorcycles' started by PandaBeat, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. I #$%#ing love them. The way they look. The way they sound and rumble.
    Each time I hear one of them approaching, I stop and stare. Nothing from any country has shit on HD; I mean, there are "better" motorcycles out there, but they lack that passion and soul, not even the other american brands.

    Right now I'm in love with this one, Iron 883:
  2. I am a fan of Harleys as well. Though the Iron 883 is an attempt at making the "womans harley(sportster)" a little more manly I think its a decent looking bike.

    My favorites from the factory are the Night rod, V-Rod muscle, Rocker C and the forty eight is pretty sweet for a sporster too.
  3. HDs are cool, but I'm pissed they killed Buell.

    I really like Vrods and XR1200s.
  4. Yes! the 48 looks awesome too. I also like the old-school look of the Cross Bones one.
  5. The cross bones is sick. It would look way better with different handlebars though. I love the look of it with something like for mounted handles. The handle bars are two piece and bolt directly to the arms of the front forks. your arms almost go along side the tank when holding the bars. gives it a super aggressive sporting look. Certain bike style can pull it off really well.

  6. I love Harleys for what they are.

    People tend to compare various Harley models with other cruisers, roadsters, customs etc and find them lacking in many aspects.

    But a Harley Davidson is built to be the ultimate Harley Davidson and not the ultimate whatever.

    Gotta love this <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

  7. This ad made me lol
  8. Exactly my sentiment.

    A few weeks ago I saw 2 Cross Bones parked side by side, one with the ape hanger and the other one with a more normal handlebar proving your theory. Looked fantastic.
  9. ROFL
  10. holy shit thats an awesome bike
  11. I like some of their bikes definitely. I think it's so funny/stupid though some of the people that ride them. People that say they have so much passion and soul when they are really just one of the best marketing companies there is. They portray a "dangerous" or "raw" image when in reality every move they make is carefully calculated and everything they do is exactly to cater to their demographic. I don't really think any of that's bad, I just think how some people act about it is pretty funny.

    There's so many people now that are doctors or lawyers and are uptight and wear suits to work during the week. But these same guys couldn't possibly spend a weekend without a Harley Davidson belt buckle, t-shirt, jacket, wallet, boots, and whatever other accessory they can think of. They also need to pay literally 3 times as much for things with the HD logo just because they have it. They're basically just pussies who are wannabe tough guys who spend $30k on their bike and bike's accessories and $4k on their riding outfit on any given day. Guess what guys, outlaws don't do shit like that. They have stuff from the flea market and old beat bikes.
  12. Yes I have a buddy who has preached about how terrible "bikers" are, he bought a harley Dyna last summer and now is all of a sudden a self proclaimed "Biker" and he also seems to know everything and anything about every Hells angel there has ever been. Its quite funny. He never goes anywhere without his Harley dew rag and his Harley sun glasses, and I am pretty sure every single shirt he wears is from Harley Davidson now too. Funniest part is he is a super straight edge, skinny geeky little 50 year old Newphie.
  13. I much prefer sportbikes to cruisers, but as cruisers go, HD is up there with anyone.
  14. I like both, they serve such different purposes that I would gladly have one of each in my garage.
  15. You hit a home run w/ this statement.

  16. Lol I thought this thread was about bikes, not random cocks riding them.

    You can find the same kind of cocks in any bike category, idiots showing up at the cafeteria in Rossi racing suits, morons using huge BMW adventure bikes just for commuting, nouveau riche Sunday riding all-knowing idiots claiming that you are nothing without an MV Agusta or a special edition Ducati 1198, you name it...


  17. Also, lol @ the 50/50 love' em hate' em results <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>

  18. I used to like HD's a lot, but they put a dealership in 2 minutes from my house and I started seeing SO many ALL the time, that it kinda killed it for me.
  20. I can't help but think that they make more money off their apparel then their actual bikes.. a lot of idiots shell out $30 for a shitty HD t-shirt.. whether they own one or not.
  21. harleys are 100% shit so are their riders
  22. Youre posts today have been hostile. You have your period today.
  23. How's your PORSHA?


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