AM-RB 001

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  1. This is the most interesting car for years.
  2. Interesting indeed. But will it be a road-going race car, or will it be plush like other modern hypercars? I would like to see some interior (and of course specs).
  3. It will be a road car. They will use active suspension which stiffens up to counter the massive downforce at speed but is able to retain ride quality at low speeds

    This video has some good info
  4. Sounds like it would kill a lot of people.
  5. Driver training is part of the package. the cost will be betwen 2 and 3 million quid, depending on how much training you need. so a novice with a million quid's worth of training should be alright
  6. I think the walk around of what the car actually looks like is enough to see that it definitely won't be "plush like other modern hypercars". It is the opposite of a fat, plush car, it looks like an insect, or a P1 mixed with a BAC Mono.
  7. Agreed, I feel like I'm re-living the early 90s with stuff like this being announced, it's amazing.
  8. I'll definitely be drooling on many YouTubes of this in the future. I just enjoy arguing.
  9. I just realized the looks of this thing also remind me of the XJR-15.
  10. awful troll
  11. Don't talk to your mom like that.
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  12. Pics of pandasis or GTFO.
  13. Could be the most extreme sportscar ever made in terms of performance.

    Love the way it looks.
  14. Haven't felt this kind of anticipation for a upcoming high performance car since Porsche released videos of the 918 Spyder concept back in 2010.
  15. I don't like it.

    Looks like it has to sacrifice too much to satisfy performance aspirations. It's a race car that will be street legal. When I was 16 that idea appealed to me but at 37 I prefer hypercars like the Chiron or the Regera. They are civilized expressions that don't compromise performance.
  16. But they do compromise performance in comparison. They will not handle nearly as well as this car probably will. And it's due to all the weight in making them "sexier" and more visually appealing.
  17. Luxury is the compromise I'm refering to. The "Nebula's" cockpit looks claustrophobic.
  18. Funny how they come out with such bold statements, make huge PR waves and then stop mentioning it for the next 6 months.
  19. Think fighter jet. Not Bentley.
  20. Aston Martin has announced its AM-RB 001 hypercar will be powered by a bespoke Cosworth-built 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine. The unit will also be paired with a ‘lightweight hybrid battery system’ expected to take shape as a KERS boost system like that on current Formula One cars.

    The 6.5-litre V12 engine, which will feature in all 150 road-going versions of the AM-RB 001, will be paired with a seven-speed paddle-shift gearbox designed and manufactured by Ricardo. All models, however, have all been sold at an estimated £2million each. First deliveries will begin in 2019.

    Full article (mainly some speculations).
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  22. For all you lazy fucks.

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