Amazing Technology, but lacks cosmetics.

Discussion in '2004 BMW H2R Concept' started by AEman69A, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. after reading the article, i'm amazed at what bmw engineers have done. although hydrogen fuel has been in the work for years, actually implementing the technology into a 7 series, getting it to run, breaking several world records, and planning on launching it inot production lines, all while maintaining an immaculate safety system, truly amazing. BMW just outperforms itself every year. To this specific model, you can tell it was made to be aerodynamic from the shape and light from the carbon fiber re-enforced plastic body, therefore acheiving world record speed and acceleration. But, to release this to the public, BMW will have to drastically change chassis and body components, creating a more cosmetic appealing look and safety which brings into question the performance of any models intended for the public. You have to cross out a plastic body, along with many other features, and toss in another seat. I mean drastic changes. Any ideas on what BMW plans to do?
  2. What are you talking about, obviously BMW would not release this car to the public, they already have two cars, the 745hl and the 750h (not sure on the names) both are based on the 7 series and are ready to roll if the market was there.
  3. Right. BMW has acheieved great impressive achievments for the technology with this car, but the public will get the 7 series, and probably not something close to this car. This car is just for testings and showoff(not that showoff is bad in this case, like a concept, it can have good effects on the car world future).
  4. BMW and ford are litirally the only car companys doing this right. As technology improves the some future supercars will have these engines crazy to think.

    All this technology is so exiting it is pushing engineeering to the boundreys, one day cars like this may just break top speed records.

    Good job BMW if ford can do the same well done, its surprising that this has been overlooked with fuel cell cars, they being the future of standard cars. these i beleive produce better performance, figures, yet are being developed minimaly around the world.
  5. ectually, take a look at the quarter mile time. 13-14secs? slow! how can that be a record?
  6. its a record for hydrogen internal combustion engines..

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